Slot Machine Rules

Although the average person in the street does not know or spend their time investigating it, slot machine rules and variations are actually one thing, and they are far from simply putting a coin in a machine or pushing down a lever energetically while praying to which entity you think will send you the best of luck in the universe.

To be the most supreme, high-ranking leader of slot machines, it takes a whole lot more than pure luck and will, and if you’re willing to dig a little deeper, there are a variety of slot machines and features that you might not even be aware – this is exactly where we at CasinoSite New Zealand enter.

Learn to choose the best one for you!

Slots Rules

Before we get down to the pure hard-nosed part of the rules and variations of the actual slot machines, it would be wise to discuss the different types of slot machines you will encounter in your quest to become the conqueror of slot machines. In the past, people were restricted to land-based casinos, and thus they had no choice but to use their arm muscles and pull aside the lever which was the original reason why slot machines earned the nickname “the slot machine”. Of course, today in the world of online slot machines, a veritable Willy Wonka factory is the choice for the discerning player, but with good choices comes even more responsibility, and it is important that players invest time and energy into getting to know their machine choices – even if the kind of payouts offered.

In the past, people would cross their fingers for a horizontal pattern, but thanks to the ongoing development of technology and the slot machine itself, this is no longer the case. If you choose correctly, you can take advantage of horizontal, vertical, and even diagonal wins – The whole game is about YOU choosing! As experienced champions who have been through it all, we at CasinoSite New Zealand know how difficult it is to choose from a sea of ​​endless possibilities and therefore we have compiled a top list of the best online vending machines with the finest payment options just for you. So why not check out our top list below and start spinning after reading our proven tips.

The house always wins in the long run

In case you’ve been living under a rock for a while, let’s go through the basics quickly. The first thing worth mentioning is the fact that slot machines are usually played with chips rather than “real money”. These chips or chips look a little like those used in poker, and each chip is usually credited with a monetary value. While in a brick-and-mortar casino, one does not have the opportunity to decide how much each of the pieces one has been given by the house is worth, this is different in the digital world of online games and players get to master their own chip destiny by Decide what value they want to place on each piece they have in their arsenal.

Thus, if you set your chip value to $0.25, a five chips will come up to $1.25. After setting the aforementioned chip value, it is now time to decide how many lines you want to play and pay the same amount on each line. Thus, if you bet five coins at $0.25 as in the 10-line example above, the total bet will come up to $12.50. One of the best things about playing online is the fact that you are allowed to bet very low, in fact, you can bet only a few cents per spin and still cover many lines.

Let’s be varied!

While the original slots worked with actual mechanical wheels that could be replaced accordingly, in today’s world, even land-based slots operate with a large portion of digital technology. Gone are the painted fruits on rusty barrels and in their place can be found colorful, vivid video screens showing a mixture of symbols ranging from the most mundane to simply crazy. In addition to this, all physical slots are equipped with random number generators to determine where the symbols land and what kind of victory lies in the cards (or reels).

Slot Machines Rules Online

When it comes to online slots, the technical rules are pretty much the same. Not only have online slots become so realistic that you will hardly be able to tell the difference between walking around a physical casino or playing in the comfort of your own home, but online slots are guaranteed to be as safe and as fair as theirs physical counterparts due to the fact that they work with a similar random number generator. Ultimately, there are many different types of machines for you to discover in both brick and mortar casinos as well as on the big wide web, but many of the differences are cosmetic – they may have different backgrounds or symbols, but the principles they follow are pretty much the same.

The variations that can be found online include the following:

Fruit Machines

Fruit vending machines are one of the classic forms of gaming, but have recently evolved to be a more specific type of vending machine than it has been in the past. It is not the case that every fruit machine with symbols automatically qualifies for the “fruit game” genre. Mostly, fruit machines are recognized by the fact that the game has 5 paylines, and 5 reels. The games can have wilds, and often have fruits stacked in up to 3 symbols one after the other down. Often you will also find a 7 number as the best paying symbol. Fruit machines are generally very high-variance machines, and a lot of luck is required to get something out of the session. But if you get lucky, the vending machines are some of the best-paying on the market. Fruit machines rarely have bonus games, but you should never say never.

Multi-line games

Understanding how traditional slot machines work is as easy as a blemish due to the fact that in an old-school slot machine, you only got paid if the three symbols in the center line matched, or if you had a special symbol that paid you without your need to match all three. This system was used on slots for a long time before the Multi-line method was introduced. In the Multi line machine, the lines at the top, bottom and sides of the machine are also taken into account for whether you have a win depending on how much money you are playing to activate them.

This means that some machines will allow you to get payouts for horizontal, diagonal, as well as angled lines, which increases your chances of taking money home in a hundredfold. So loved is this variety that many do not play at slots at all unless they find a Multi-line game.


Instead of paylines, you also find games that use “ways” to determine winnings. When playing with Ways, you get a win no matter where on the line the symbols are, as long as they are consecutive from left to right (and sometimes from right to left as well). The most common number of ways is 243, which is possible on 5-wheeler machines with 3 symbols on each. To find the number of times you have the different wheels with each other, ie 3 * 3 * 3 * 3 * 3 = 243. Any combination can win, ie you have 5 A in a row and this pays 10. If you also have one Wild in row 1, you now have 5 in row x2, and it pays 20. With an extra wild in row 2 you now have 2 winning symbols on each of the first rows, ie 2 * 2 * 1 * 1 * 1 = 4 ways, times the profit of 10 = 40 dollar. Getting full screen on these slots are some of the biggest winnings found on slot machines, as this can give up to 243 times the maximum profit for a single symbol. Even with a low symbol that pays 1x the bet, this is almost 250 times your bet.

Progressive Machines

In the case of progressive machines, these can be found both in the physical as well as in the electronic form. Progressive machines work in a very special way because they take a small portion of the amount you put into them and add it to a progressive pool that gets bigger by how many people choose to contribute to it through their style of play. The result is a huge, hard-to-get jackpot that can sometimes amount to more than a million dollars. To be eligible to play on a progressive slot machine, the player must play a given maximum number of coins per spin (which will be the same amount as all other people participating).

Twin Spin

NetEnt’s Twin Spin is a typical 243 way slot machine.

Features for the future?

In the past, slot machines did not come with a manual and in fact, there were no rules to take into account – people just scouted, hoping to win, and basically went home with either a pocket full of money or an empty hand. But when it comes to the brand new online versions of slot machines, there are some more advanced features that you should know about if you are going to step out on the slot machine stage with an unprecedented passion. If you’ve read an automated review and seen terms like scatter, progressive, wild symbols and bonus rounds without knowing what they are then this is really the article for you – about the game’s rules and variations in the game and we’ve gone through these different things the game has for you including:

Scatter symbols

Although many players believe that scatters exist solely to sweeten the pot by ALWAYS multiplying your winnings, unfortunately for us and you, this is not always the case. The reality is that while scatter symbols can often be used to multiply the amount you can win, by definition it is not specific what the “scatter” term means. So what are scatter symbols? Scatter symbols are just symbols that activate a particular feature or payout no matter where on the reels they appear, which means they don’t have to come in any kind of uniform for you to take home that bacon.

A large number of scatter symbol games, if two scatters appear anywhere on the screen, you will double the prize amount on that particular spin. Furthermore, three scatter symbols will quadruple your winnings, and four scatter symbols will give you nine times the original payout. However, not all scatter symbols are created equal and in fact in some special online slots games found jumping around the web, scatter symbols have been known to trigger a bonus game or a quick win to combine three specific scatter symbols. What is important for you to remember, as a player, is that Scatter symbols do not really say anything explicit about what kind of prize you will receive, only that you will receive a prize no matter where on the screen the scatter symbols appear.

Bonus features: gift giving and giving!

Go Play

An online slot machine bonus game is a game that you will access when you hit a required combination. The combination required can be anything from three scatter symbols, to three specific bonus game symbols, or even a particular symbol on a particular reel. When it comes to online slot machine bonuses, it’s important to remember that online slot machines with bonus rounds aren’t just played on “normal” machines, which means you have to make sure the machine actually offers bonus games before you start playing.

When it comes to slot machine bonus games, the machines either have regular reels that have been specially modified to show a plethora of other symbols, or the regular symbols remain intact, but have a different value than what is usually found. In addition to this, some machines may even have several wheels added to them. That said, these mechanical changes are obviously not possible on new advanced video slot machines due to the fact that everything is going digital, and thus, if you want to play slot machines with online bonus games, you have to choose the specific game from the get- go.

Free spider

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Free spins are just of that category, if you hit a particularly necessary combination, you will receive a number of free spins that will keep you busy for hours at a time. Do you feel greedy and want even more free spins? Ironically, the payout for certain combinations is increased even more during free-spin mode! Thus, not only do you win extra spins while playing for free, but if you manage to hit new, free spins in the free game you play, these will be added to your spins.

Wild Symbols: There is a jungle out there!

If you google what wild symbols are, you’ll find everything from urban legends to full-page descriptions about the origins of this much-loved wild card in the slots package. For those of you who are still green and healthy in the world of automatons, a wild symbol is a metaphorical wildcard in the pack, and acts as a substitute for other symbols to help you create winning combinations.

That being said, despite the fact that jokers are actually fancy, they usually cannot replace bonus symbols or scatters, but again, this differs from machine to machine which means that you should always read the terms and conditions of each game you register you in advance (this is something we really can’t stress enough whether you’re playing slot machines or anything else for that matter). Choose wisely and you may also end up with a series of wild symbols that will give you a big, fat pay check.

Rules and variations – they really are for everyone!

While many people will tell you that the main rule of online slot machines is that there are no rules, our site about the rules and variations of the slot machine will surely have removed any myths and expectations you may have. While slot machines are considered to be one of the more straightforward online casino deals with many people saying that it’s about Mrs. Fortuna and nothing else, we at CasinoSite New Zealand believe that both experienced players who are addicted to golden old beats, as well as people who dip their toes The gold gambling pool for the first time will do nothing but gain the advantage and hone their online skills by studying the rules that govern the specific machine they have chosen to play on.

We at CasinoSite New Zealand probably do not have any boys (or girl) scouts in our team, but we believe in one thing above all else – BE PREPARED! As with all the important decisions you make in your life (and believe me finding the right casino and games for you to dedicate your hard-earned money to is truly one of those lifelong commitments that can make or break your everyday life).

Always make sure you understand the wagering requirement and check several times whether or not it would be more valuable to bet a higher or lower amount than you originally had in mind. Furthermore, it goes without saying that you are actually trying to understand the features that the game offers – you wouldn’t buy a coat without trying it on, so why not apply the same rule to your choice of game?

Our last piece of advice is pretty much this – if you don’t understand what you’re getting into but want to try your luck anyway, just play one of our free games until you get the hang of it and feel confident enough to try out the real things and win big. While the old adage that practice makes mastery applies to everything casino related, it is even more important that you as the player have the best possible time and actually enjoy your time at the casino. After all, just rules and no play make Jack and Jill very boring kids, and we wouldn’t have it now, would we?