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Roulette – Learn the Strategy and Become a Winner!

Roulette strategy may seem like a fleeting and almost ghost-like airspeed for the green gambler who has never dipped his toe in the golden pool, but for the experienced who has tried the sneaky fortune wheel a few times, roulette strategy is not just a concept of a toss around on a random Tuesday; Although many still feel that roulette is a pure game of chance and that it is impossible to give any advice on how to play the game, we here at CasinoSite strongly disagree! Here are a few tips on how to become a smarter roulette player and go home with a bucket of money:

Roulette Rules of Memory:
1. Never play American Roulette on European or other non-American variants available. Check that there is only one 0!
2. Systems do not work in the long run, although they can sometimes produce some short-term profit.
3. Roulette basically lets you choose your own variance so choose the one you’re comfortable with. The fewer numbers you bet the higher the winnings, but also the time between winnings.


If this headline made you scratch your head, you can stop it now, because the explanation is imminent! Most good online casinos offer both American and European roulette, and in case you haven’t noticed, playing European roulette is a much better strategy for you gamers because of the difference between a big, bold zero.

Since European roulette has only one pocket for zero instead of both the single and double pockets that one can find on an American roulette wheel and they have identical payouts, your chances of winning will actually be twice as large by playing European roulette because the odds are more advantageous.


Okay, guys, you heard this first! When it comes to roulette strategy and getting things done right so you don’t leak money like a ship that just hit an iceberg, the best thing to do is not to take everything you hear for good fish. Roulette betting systems come in many shapes and sizes and have a wide variety of names like Martingale, d’Alembert, Five Quad and so on and you can learn about all these systems and more on our site, but the one thing these betting systems cannot doing for you is eliminating the house advantage.

Unfortunately (and although it pains us to announce it) it doesn’t matter how and when you place your chips, and whether you dance around the roulette table three times under the full moon with chicken feather on your head, because in the long run the house will usually win. That being said, we at CasinoSite are not hopeless pessimists, and we believe that if you devote enough time and energy to the cause and follow the systems with some diligence and caution, you will definitely improve your chances of winning. Of course, following a system alone will never really be enough to turn you into a long-term winner – a big dose of luck usually helps you with that part!

It’s about having fun

Roulette is all about entertainment, isn’t it? Have fun, consider potential losses as entertainment expenses and simply leave it at that. When it comes to roulette and really any casino game, your best bet will always be to play because of your love for the game rather than any other motive. Sure, your roulette session can give you a good profit (and if it happens, good for you) but no one should sit down at a roulette table where the only intention is to win money or make a living in this way. Poor is the man who puts his eggs in one basket, and poorer is the one who stacks all his chips on one table.

Roulette Wheels


While having fun should certainly be on the agenda when it comes to playing roulette, it is becoming more and more common to see players at the roulette table who really do not know what they are doing or why they are doing it and who are not have invested time or energy in learning something about the various efforts and what they are worth. Many players have gotten into the habit of randomly placing a large stack of chips on the table without reservation and this type of behavior will obviously not get you very far up the roulette strategy tree.

The thing is, if you are aware of your winning chances, you will be in more than good shape to calculate the bankroll you will need (more on this soon) so that you will at least have a number of pretty impressive wins. In general, outside bets such as dozen, odd, even 1-18, etc. will be stakes where you can statistically expect to win at least once every few spins. This way, you do not have to use your bankroll early in the evening.

Simple bets:

Red or black, the ball lands on one of the colors1: 148.6%
“Low numbers” – Fra 1 til 181: 148.6%
“High numbers” – Fra 19 til 361: 148.6%
Odd / Odd – The ball lands in one of the fields1: 148.6%

Other efforts:

Straight – Bet and hit any number between 1 and 3735: 12.7%
Split – Two numbers side by side17: 15.4%
Street – three numbers in a row11: 18.1%
“First Four” – Tallene 0, 1, 2 og 38: 110.8%
Corner – Fire sidestilte tall8: 110.8%
Six Line – to “streets”5: 116.2%
First dozen – From 1 to 122: 132.4%
Other dozen – From 13 to 242: 132.4%
Third dozen – From 25 to 362: 132.4%
Column – One of the three lines “2: 1”2: 132.4%


A very good roulette strategy that people rarely use is to set a budget before they start playing and which they adhere to. If they do this, they will not only minimize their overall losses, but they will also get more focus on how much they spend on each round and will be able to budget wisely, that is, as they lose that amount, the show will be over and they will (hopefully) get up and go home. The reality is that it is not gambling in itself that leads people into deep valleys, but the poor handling of their money and poor strategy.

It is when you start spending more money than you can imagine that you run the risk of ending up in a dark movie made real with weapons, strange loan sharks and even stranger poorly lit eateries. Like bad love relationships, one should never chase after losses as investing more or greater efforts will not be able to compensate for past losses and will only hurt in the long run. Increasing your debt does just this and only this, and if you’re going to be in the game, you have to accept that everyone has good and bad days and that the trick is to know when it’s time to give up and go home. Don’t let things like pride or anyone else get in the way of your predetermined decisions. Understand and know your boundaries, and when the time comes: Go.


So there you sit at the table with a cool breeze in your hair, you have fun and you simply have what we at CasinoSite call a Midas Night (which means everything you take in turns into gold). So if you make money, a lot of money, buckets of money, and you have a fantastic sense of self, but you’ve just spent the amount you had planned for the evening (the budget we talked about in the previous paragraph), what do you do now? Do you continue to play using the money you earned during the night?

Or do you leave the table with your pockets full of money without looking back? The answer, of course, is the latter. No matter how much money you make on a night out, please remember all the times you haven’t been so lucky and leave the table. Also remember that luck, like the wind, has very easy to turn around. Just because you have had a fantastic night so far, does not mean that all this cannot change in an instant. If you start to waste your well-earned winnings, you are likely to start losing them quickly, and so the endless cycle of trying to recover your losses begins. The luck can give the brave benefits, but it doesn’t have as much patience with the stupid.


Not your ‘Parlay’ bets. That is, do not leave the previous bet and chips you used to be on the table for the next reel. Doing this is the perfect roulette strategy that leads to the loss of your money faster. Claim your winnings and continue playing your best bet. In roulette, perhaps more than any other casino game out there, the casino has an advantage over the players; That is true, but if there is a bonus that you can get when playing roulette, this can improve your chances of winning quite a bit, which is really what everyone should aim for.


Unfortunately, roulette strategy does not guide one or help influence the expected value of the game. All bets offer the same expected value. They don’t matter if you bet on the number 12 straight up or red instead, the expected profit / loss is exactly the same in each case. That said, betting on single numbers can lead to much greater variation in your roulette chip stack, and even if you lose most of the time, you’ll win a lot when you first win.

Roulette Strategy

If you bet on even or some other outside bet, you will win again and again, but your individual winnings will inevitably be smaller and your chip stack will not see any dramatic changes. The rule of thumb is simple, the greater your chances of winning, the smaller the amount of your winnings will probably be. You can use this insight to your advantage. For example, if you need to place a certain number of bets to get a bonus in online roulette, a good bet might be to choose a low variance bet pattern. Also, if you are in a roulette tournament and you are in a bad position as time runs out, your best chances may lie in a high variance roulette strategy.


Although many people will tell you something else, this old saying is true, especially in the glittering and glamorous casino world. The sad reality is that in order to understand how something works, one must be able to recognize which rules govern it (if any) and whether it has any particular patterns. One of the only ways to become a roulette champion and gain more knowledge about roulette strategy is to play a lot and record your findings.

Is there any specific sequence? Is the random number generator really random based on the way numbers are selected? For example, does the table strategy work? Don’t think about doing “research” over several short hours, or days, for that matter, but you concentrate on long-term goals that can take weeks, and actually months to produce results. Always keep in mind that beating roulette is a long-term job and that casinos themselves look at the big picture instead of what happens in them on a daily basis.


Whatever roulette strategy you go for, always keep in mind that roulette is really the most difficult customer in the casino portfolio, because it really is the game where the house has the biggest advantage and where being lucky is on the agenda. Of course, we at CasinoSite New Zealand do not believe that luck alone creates a roulette champion, which is why you will find a specially made and tested leaderboard on this site.

In this leaderboard you will not only be able to find all the best bonuses, you will also find the lowest house benefits online, which means you can play with a calm mind knowing that you are getting the absolute best, and said straight out, that You are not being stolen your hard earned money. So why not browse our list and find the one that suits you and your roulette needs TODAY!