Progressive games have always been among the more popular at casinos, both those found among table games as well as slot machines. With the transition from physical casinos to online casinos, the potential for different jackpots has grown considerably, as the same games and jackpots can now be found at many different casinos.

The ability to win far more than the Saturday draw in the lottery and the availability of the games have made progressive jackpot games incredibly popular. Read the article to learn more about the games with the highest winnings.

 About Progressive Jackpots:
1. In a game with a progressive jackpot, all bets from all players will increase the jackpot.
2. Some games split the jackpot across different casinos, others over a specific casino group and others within a single casino.
3. Table games can also have progressive jackpots! This is usually in poker games, and is won when a royal flush is achieved. In some games, the jackpot is then shared with everyone who participates.

Increases each time

Slots are one of the best games to play at online casinos where you can make a lot of money. But progressive slot jackpots are even better than the standalone game. In the progressive slot jackpots, the jackpot increases by a small amount each time the game is played. Several machines are linked together to create a network where a large progressive jackpot is created, which grows very fast because the different players playing on the different machines contribute to the jackpot.
Progressive slot jackpots are available in many different theme slots such as Batman, Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk and many other slot games. You can, of course, invest your money in the progressive slot machines to give yourself a chance to win a large amount of money at once.

The progressive slot jackpots can usually be won with the combination of the five most valuable symbols, which will differ according to the theme of the slot machine you are playing. Usually, there are qualifying criteria to qualify for the progressive slot jackpots.

There are three different types of progressive machines, freestanding progressive, in-house progressive and large area progressive. You can easily find all these progressive slot machines online to play from home.

The standalone progressive machine, unlike other machines, is not associated with any other machines. It adds the percentage of coins that are played to the winnings for the highest winning combination.

In-house progressives have many machines connected to each other with other slot machines and these are owned by a casino or gaming company that owns several different online casinos. The jackpot in this progressive slot machine can be millions.

Large area progressive slot machines are linked to each other from various unrelated casinos run by a single gaming company. The progressive slot jackpots you win in these different slot machines can be life-changing. Therefore, you can see that progressive slot machines are worth trying as they offer huge sums of money in return. We are sure you will enjoy these new era slot games from your home and win big money as well.

The biggest jackpots

They will never come up with the same amounts you can find in bigger lotteries like Powerball or Eurolotto, but a progressive slot machine jackpot will be enough to change the lives of any winner. Below you can read about some of the biggest and most popular jackpots you can expect to find in an online casino.

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is an automaton developed by software publisher MicroGaming, which you may recognize from machines like Break da Bank Again, Immortal Romance or Game of Thrones. The slot machine is played like a regular slot machine with multiple paylines and free spins with multiplier, but after every spin you have the opportunity to trigger a bonus wheel. This chance increases along with the bet, but even with the minimum bet with all the lines active you can trigger the wheel and win the jackpot. The biggest jackpot won at Mega Moolah was 7.9 million euros, or just over 70 million euros.

Mega Fortune and Mega Fortune Dreams

What Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune have in common is that the jackpot is shared across many casinos. Gambling on Mega Fortune from any casino that offers NetEnt will help increase the jackpot on Mega Fortune, just as Mega Moolah’s jackpot increases on Thrills casino even if you were playing at Casumo. Mega Fortune and Dreams version also features free spins, Dreams even has the option of respins if you hit 3 or more Wilds in one spin. The main difference between the two slots is not the game itself but also the jackpots. Mega Fortune Dreams is a slot machine reserved for a smaller number of exclusive casinos, and is therefore more limited for how much money is added to the jackpot. Because the jackpot is lower, this increases the chances of winning.

Mega Joker

As the smallest but also perhaps the most influential jackpot and among the most popular you will find is the Mega Joker. The biggest thing about this jackpot, on the other hand, is that, unlike the others mentioned, it is far easier to win. Here also the automatic payout of the machine comes into the picture. Of course, a massive jackpot will have an impact on how much a slot machine pays out, but in a large slot machine like Mega Fortune, there will be so many players that the majority of the game’s payback is in the game and the free spins, and only a small percentage in the actual jackpot. In Mega Joker, on the other hand, the chances of winning the jackpot are greater, and with high stakes when the jackpot reaches a certain level, the theoretical repayment on this slot machine increases to over 100%.

Basic Functionality

What many people think of is really revolving around a myth – the bigger the jackpot is, the easier it is to win it. That in itself is really correct, but all gambling comes with a risk.

There are several different versions of such jackpots as mentioned above, but they can also be divided into two other areas. Normal progressives that can be viewed as:

1. All jackpots start at a defined sum

2. The jackpot will be triggered automatically at a random time when different mechanisms are introduced. This is even before the maximum jackpot has reached its peak level.

So here it falls into its own unreasonableness that the bigger a jackpot, the more chance I have of winning it.

However, some of these progressive jackpots fall into an area or system often called “mystery” jackpots. Here, the jackpot is defined by the fact that part of what is played is added to the jackpot. In good New Zealand language we can say that every time someone loses their bet for a spin, some of it goes to a jackpot that theoretically has no limit.

However, all networks or manufacturers of such games have a goal or target that they are working towards. How quickly the “meter” (loss per game that goes into the jackpot) fills up, the limit for the maximum jackpot and how much the casino or house has the advantage (edge).

In short, this mysterious jackpot can grow very large and when you see that it is larger than normal, it is correct to say that there is a greater benefit to the player than the house now. But again, we noticed that gambling always comes with risk.

Good luck!