Payment options

Although banking online was previously viewed with a good dose of suspicion, it nowadays appears to be one of the most reliable, fastest and easiest ways to transfer one’s funds. Incredible progress has been made in online banking and today there are many to choose from. Read about different methods and find a casino that fits your preferred payment method right here!

Info to payment method:

  • Different payment methods allow you to withdraw in different ways
  • As a rule, the same deposit must be used as the withdrawal method
  • With most cards, withdrawals are made by bank transfer in New Zealand

Online Casino Banking

Sending money to online casinos via credit or debit card is very easy. There are various reputable cards that have proven to be safe to use over the years. These include; Visa, MasterCard and American Express. So, if you choose to use one of these cards, all you have to do is navigate to the payment page and fill in the relevant card details specified in the fields on the page. After sending your payment, the funds should be available on your online casino account immediately. Still, if you choose to use one of the credit cards mentioned, you should note that transfers usually have a fee between 0.8 to 1.3%.

Popular Credit / Debit Cards
Visa As the first credit card to fit all types of purchases that could be made online, Visa has managed to maintain its status as the largest and most successful payment method network around the globe. One of the benefits of using Visa is that it is accepted at almost all online casinos, so in hindsight your Visa card will almost never be rejected.Therefore, if you do not mind using credit cards to affect your online transfer, the Visa card may be your preferred card when making deposits and withdrawing from online casinos. Interested in making Visa your chosen credit / debit card to deposit and withdraw money from your online casino? If your answer is yes, we definitely recommend you take a look at our full review of Visa Online Casinos.
MasterCard Obviously, MasterCard appears as Visa’s largest competitor in the credit card industry. The payment option is widely accepted at most online casino sites and continues to establish itself as one of the online casino payment options that is most reliable and accepted at most online casino sites. If you would like to use MasterCard to transfer funds to and from your chosen online casino, we strongly encourage you to take a look at our MasterCard Online Casinos Review.
American Express As a premium credit card for American clients, American Express has long maintained its standards as a reputable online payment option. However, as it stands now, Amex is only offered at a few online casinos. This may be due to the strict online gambling laws in America. So, since it is a reputable payment option, you know that the website is legitimate when Amex is accepted. Eager to use American Express as a payment option? If so, we strongly encourage you to read through our full review of American Express Casinos that has been put together by CasinoSites expert staff.
Payment methods

Transfer funds via E-wallet

E-wallets are arguably one of the most popular payment methods the digital world has to offer. Their selling point is the fact that by creating an account you as a user can store all your card information safely and conveniently. Therefore, if you have more than one card, you will be able to store your card information on the digital banking service and use the data of the respective card you wish to use when selecting the e-wallet you use as a payment option.

Here at CasinoSite you will find several different e-wallets to use. All the e-wallets you will find as an online casino payment option have all been tried and tested by our casino experts. You can read their extensive reviews to decide which system is best for you to use. These e-wallets include PayPal, Neteller and Skrill, among others; such as Qiwi, which is mainly used by people living in Russia.

Popular E-wallets
PayPal Perhaps the most well-known e-wallet around the globe, Paypal has managed to maintain its customer base for years. It is highly trusted by North Americans, Europeans as well as other customers around the world. The payment method was bought by the large online marketplace Ebay back in 2002, which has led the company to be called many people’s chosen payment method. Although found in a variety of online casinos, Neteller and Skrill as online payment options seem to be found more at online casinos. Given that you are interested in using this amazing e-wallet, we recommend that you read through our comprehensive PayPal Casinos Review which deals with the advantages and disadvantages of the payment option.
Neteller As a global giant in the online payment services industry, Neteller stands out as one of the most successful startup payment methods. Neteller has long been associated with the iGambling world and handled fees with online casinos, sports betting as well as poker rooms. In 2005, the company handled over 80% of online gambling money transfers, causing the company to pay around $ 300 million in fees to get out of trouble with the United States Department of Justice. However, since then the company has migrated to the British Isles and diversified and has even applied to partner with MasterCard on prepaid cards. Although the company is not currently sweeping so much money, Neteller has maintained its presence as one of the largest and most widely available payment options on the web. Neteller, on the other hand, chooses to stay outside the US market these days. If you are interested in using Neteller as a payment option, you should definitely read through ours Neteller Online Casinos Review today.
Skrill (Moneybookers) Formerly known as Moneybookers and established in 2001, Skrill emerges as the number one competitor to Neteller in the online payment services industry. The company is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) from the United Kingdom. Therefore, it is one of the most secure electronic payment services you can get online. Over the years, the global payment service giant has also bought out a few European competitors. If you are looking for payment options to use, your Skrill e-wallet is without a doubt one of the most popular and convenient payment options out there. It has been found as a choice at far more online casinos than Neteller or PayPal. Interested in Skrill as a Payment Method? If your answer is yes, you should read the full Skrill Online Casinos Review our experts have put together.

Offline Banking as one of the Online Casino Payment Options Available

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If you find that you are still skeptical about transferring funds online, then you need not worry as it is not the only payment option available. In fact, you can choose to deposit money into your account by going to a bank instead and asking the bank clerk to transfer the funds for you if it makes you feel more comfortable.

Offline payment options include bank transfers and checks and bank notes, but also include Western Union and Moneygram, which were made for people who feel more happy to transfer money in this way. Although the process is a bit more demanding, the only thing you need to do to influence your payment is to go to a financial organization or bank, give the cash to the bank clerk and wait for the money to appear in your online casino account.

Nevertheless, at CasinoSite, we recommend that you keep an eye open when using an offline banking service to see that the money is transferred without any fraud involved when using an intermediary. So, before visiting a bank or financial organization, it is best to write down all the details of the online casino you have chosen that seems to carry some significance and any other information you think is needed.

Without a doubt, the biggest problem with this method is one of the online payment options, the time it actually takes to complete the task and hassle that players have to go through to find a financial outlet. However, when you consider the factors of using offline banking to transfer money to an online casino, it would still be much cheaper as a payment option than if you had to spend money to travel to a land based.

Popular Offline Payment Systems
Bank Transfer Essentially, Bank Transfer is a great payment method to choose that allows you to transfer funds from one business to another. As a user, you can either choose to make your payment using your local bank or through a specialized money office. This is basically what makes this specific system so favored by users who choose to transfer money via an offline payment service rather than an online one. If you would like to use this payment system, please note that payments made through bank transfer often have a fee.

Worried about finding a casino that fits your iGambling needs? Do not be that! Online casinos are nothing if not flexible and are happy to meet your iGambling needs. If you are looking for a new casino to play with, we have also compiled a list of casinos that offer a wide selection of online casino payment options to meet your individual needs. They all have brilliant games and are known to be among the best casinos found anywhere online. Enjoy.