The first thing many wonder when they hear or read about New Zealand casinos is whether it is legal. Is that really it? Both yes and no. It is still legal for New Zealanders to play casino games online on foreign gaming sites, but to run an online casino in New Zealand is not possible. Deposits and withdrawals can be more difficult, without anything more or less against the law.

Typical New Zealand Casino

  • New Zealand customers often get better bonus deals, due to our strong purchasing power and gaming enthusiasm.
  • Look for casinos with correct translations as this is a sign that the casino is serious and worth spending time and money on.
  • Check that customer service is New Zealand for easier help. Sometimes New Zealand customer service is only available between specific times – try it out!

However, New Zealand is a gambling nation. Gambling has been around for as long as man and when it became possible to do this online in the late 90s, it has escalated considerably in the rural area. Playing New Zealand casino online is just one of two opportunities you have to be able to use the casino as a New Zealander. The other option is to go abroad, where you can physically visit casinos. This is what thousands of New Zealanders do every year.

We at CasinoSite aim to be able to cover most of the New Zealand casino for New Zealanders, and have therefore focused a lot on creating comprehensive reviews of reputable, credible and well-functioning New Zealand casinos, so that you get the best possible casino experience! Our reviews will make it easier for you to choose an online casino

Why choose a New Zealand casino?

New Zealand Casino

Today, there are more New Zealand casinos online than ever before and we can guarantee that all our partners are 100% safe to play. The situation today is completely different from many years ago. The entire market is far better regulated, making it much safer to play at online casinos. It has developed a very good licensing system in Malta for Europe and in recent years has attracted the largest and best gaming operators in the industry. This is regularly checked so that one can feel completely confident that all New Zealand casinos are operating properly.

There are far more advantages to playing at a New Zealand casino online than at foreign land based casinos. One thing a New Zealand casino can offer is bonuses. There are guaranteed people out there who are skeptical of this with online casino games and generous bonuses. It is hard to believe that you can actually win a lot of money without having to risk anything yourself. The purpose of the bonuses is not that you can just throw money at everyone, but to give you a chance to test out their casino. Online Casinos also has lower costs than regular casinos and this benefits the players themselves. Every slot game has a payback percentage, and this one is higher online. Since slot machines at regular casinos have an RTP (Return to player) of just over 90%, online slot machines are around 97%.

The selection of games is also a completely different world on the Internet than at regular casinos. Today, most people have a smartphone with good internet connection wherever they may be. This has not gone unnoticed in the gaming industry as more and more online casinos have developed their mobile services. Instead of having to respect the opening hours of regular casinos or your local gaming kiosk, you can now play at New Zealand casinos whenever you want.

The growing competition

Nowadays, new casinos are appearing almost every week and almost everyone wants to enter the New Zealand market. The fact that the competition is increasing and becoming tougher is solely positive for players. If one has to go up and down, one must also be able to assert himself, in several different areas. One area is bonuses. It is made daily to lure players over to their gaming company and bonuses are the lure. The gap between all welcome bonuses is quite large. There many new New Zealand casinos that hit the big bar and offer anywhere from 200% -500% deposit bonuses including x number of free spins, many of the largest and most stable New Zealand casinos are online with a 100% deposit bonus plus x number of free spins. More and more are also offering bonuses without having to deposit money, so you can try out any New zealand casino before you decide to spend your own money. It’s a perfect opportunity to find out if that casino is for you or not.

What is Casino Bonus

There are several different types of casino bonuses, the most common being welcome bonuses, deposit / reload bonuses, free spins and free spins with no wagering requirements. Two of these casino bonuses do not require deposits and are often called free cash and free spins. Free money means that you will often get a small sum of the casino to test out all aspects of it such as slots, poker, table games etc. While for example a free spin bonus is usually associated with a specific slot machine and also contains a wagering requirement. This varies greatly from casino to casino, so it’s a good idea to read our reviews on each casino before taking a chance there.

Casino Bonus

If you choose to take part in a bonus you increase your chances of winning as well. Let’s say a New Zealand casino offers a welcome bonus that triples your deposit, a 200% bonus in other words, then it is quite logical that this greatly increases your chances of winning. You will most likely come across an offer that reads as follows: Deposit $1000 and bet for $3000 as well as 20 free spins on the Starburst slot machine. This will give you better time to get to know the casino and who knows, maybe this will be your new favorite casino.

No matter what the welcome bonus you have to get at each New Zealand casino, that is not the end. Having completed both deposit bonuses and free spins does not mean that you will never receive bonuses from the casino again.

On the contrary. You will receive emails and text messages containing new promotions, new bonuses, free spins and other types of contests. We recommend that you read through the terms of use on all the bonuses you are involved in, so you know what you are saying yes to.

For there are also bonuses at the online casino that do not include wagering requirements as well. Casino bonuses have been on the market for many years and some online casinos took their heads and were extremely generous in the initial stages. Quite generous bonuses were made with no wagering requirements in the beginning and this has people out there making very good money.

You have used this to the fullest and registered several accounts so that you can withdraw the money you were given. That is why it could not continue and that is how the sales requirements came into being. In essence, this is about minimizing the risk online casinos take by distributing free cash and nice deposit bonuses. Read on in the next route to learn all about sales requirements!

Wagering requirements

Meeting a wagering requirement at a New Zealand casino is relatively much about luck. When a New Zealand casino launches a new promotion or other form of new bonus, it will usually contain a wagering requirement. This requirement keeps players away from using bonuses to their advantage. The most common wagering requirement is that you have to translate the bonus amount 30 to 50 times. Often the higher amounts are hidden in small print. For example, a bonus deposit requirement is really just a doubling of the wagering requirement you are offered.

We at CasinoSite even think that such wagering requirements should be 30-35 times the money. If you receive a bonus with a wagering requirement of up to 50 x the bonus amount, it is difficult to take that player seriously.

Example: You deposit $1000 and receive $1000 bonus. This means that 50% of your gaming account balance is bonus money. The turnover requirement will then be at 1000×35, which means that you must turn over NOK 35,000 before you can make a withdrawal. However, if the casino counts bonus and deposit, the requirement is as much as $70,000!

It is also important to point out that various types of games turn over more than others. Slot machines typically contribute 100% of what you play for, with blackjack and roulette for example being as low as 15% and 10%. On the other hand, these games often have a much higher payback percentage than slot machines. For example, you have close to 100% with the right blackjack strategy.

Again, we recommend that you read through the terms of use of each bonus you use. To get rid of the wagering requirement in the fastest possible way, you often have to bet on slot machines that you know contribute 100% towards the wagering requirement on your active bonus. Many bonuses have their own rules and excluded games, so be careful.

What payment methods can I use?

There are many opportunities here. The most important thing for you as a player is that it all takes place in a safe and secure way. Today, many people take advantage of what is called an “E-Wallet” – an online wallet. The best known ones are Skrill, Neteller and PayPal, and they are well-functioning online banks that allow you to move money around the web safely and securely. You can also make deposits and withdrawals for these three wallets online. Withdrawals back to your bank account usually take a few business days. Both Skrill, Neteller and PayPal operate with a support service to help with whatever it may be. Many may know Skrill as the old “Moneybookers” established in the UK in the early 2000s.

Visa is a secure and highly recognized payment option worldwide. Also within gambling, Visa is simple and safe. Visa has been a payment method for online casinos ever since it became possible to play online. It has been the most popular payment service for many years until the so-called e-wallets entered the gambling industry a few years ago.

MasterCard is today Visa’s main competitor and probably needs no further introduction among credit and debit card users. MasterCard is accepted at most online stores and also most online casinos. Depositing and withdrawing funds with MasterCard is very easy.

These are the most common and widely used methods of playing at New Zealand casinos online and all of our partners have safe and secure payment methods.

How to choose a New Zealand casino?

With today’s selection of online casinos and casino games, it is definitely quickly getting a little confused. All New Zealand casinos we list here at CasinoSite have met our requirements to make your casino experience the best possible. There are several aspects of a casino that one must take into consideration when choosing a New Zealand casino.

Among our reviews, it is important to offer:

Good Bonuses

  • The casino offers welcome bonuses and regular reload bonuses.
  • No hidden rules and small print on the sales requirements.
  • Feel free to sign up for free casino bonuses to test the casino.

Large selection of casino games

  • The more game developers the better! There are many to choose from.
  • It is important to find a casino that offers the games you like best.
  • It costs nothing to try! Check the casino selection before creating an account.

Knowledgeable customer service

  • Read the casino’s “Contact Us” page to see if they offer New Zealand support and at what times.
  • Look for 24/7 support with New Zealand support for the best experience.
  • New Zealand language is just as important! See that the casino has been translated into New Zealand language.

Graphic design

  • It is important that the casino and its features look good and work well.
  • It doesn’t help that the colors are nice if the design doesn’t let you play the way you want.
  • Features such as search and filtering of games are important, check before you sign up!

User friendly on mobile & tablets

  • A large number of modern casino players use mobile and tablets instead of PCs.
  • Functionality on other devices is at least as important as on a computer.
  • Look for good mobile design at the casino and game developers known for mobile games.

Safe payment methods

  • It is not always the case that you have to use a payment method yourself, but that they offer more.
  • If the casino cannot reach an agreement with VISA, you will not send them a bank transfer.
  • We have an article on New Zealand payment methods, read about them here!

All of these factors come into play when deciding whether or not the online casino is good. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to online casino. Some prefer slots, table games like blackjack and roulette, and others are interested in odds and poker. For many, the design of the site also plays into choosing a New Zealand casino. It is important that when you enter a gaming site you feel comfortable and safe. There may also be a bonus on the site that does not require a deposit, so you can test the page properly before deciding whether or not this is right for you. One of our tips is to test out casino sites that you may have some knowledge of. There are many great online casinos out there and you’re definitely hurting some of them. These companies have usually been in the industry for a number of years and can offer the most in online gambling. Everything from odds to slot machines via table games and bingo to name a few.

Read our comprehensive reviews to find the best New Zealand online casinos.

New New Zealand Online Casinos

So far, you have gained good insight into New Zealand casinos. Hopefully you have found out what stands out among New Zealand casinos you find online when you first step forward to choose a casino to play at. It is not only easy to choose an online casino where everything goes right and you have all the games you want to play, often because of new technologies being used and an expanding selection. New casinos are also emerging where you have the chance to try your luck at the various casino games. This section will focus on just new casinos available to New Zealanders that are launched online, allowing players to have an opportunity to get an overview of the huge selection of online casinos that excite. Continue reading so you can learn everything you need to know about new online casinos.

Online casino players love when new casinos are launched online and for good reason. It is no longer just casinos new products that are loved by customers. For many customers, the casinos themselves are the product, which is why there is now a lot of focus on new casinos emerging online. But can the new online casinos even offer something that existing casinos cannot offer?

When opening a new casino online, it is not uncommon for the casino to throw new welcome bonuses to potential players. This is perhaps the biggest reason players love when opening new casinos and especially New Zealand since the bonuses are often better organized. This gives players a great opportunity to take advantage of a new and generous welcome bonus just by signing up. Among the usual extraordinary welcome bonuses you can expect to find in a brand new casino, you will often find extra large match bonuses or free spins that the player can try to cash in on their favorite casino games.

A new New Zealand casino therefore offers welcome bonuses to their new players and we will in future try to give an insight into what such a welcome bonus can look like when you have registered at a new online casino. As soon as you register for a new online casino, you have, as long as the casino offers, a welcome bonus available. It would have been almost unheard of to launch a casino without a bonus offer, so don’t worry about finding one. If you are the type who would like to pick up welcome bonuses from different casinos, you will surely have been offered regular 100% bonuses, often up to 2000 or sometimes higher at the first deposit. In contrast, at new casinos, bonuses above 100% are not unusual. It’s also not unusual for new casinos to be very good at distributing free spins, both on registration and as the little extra with the match bonus you get on your first deposit. This is usually between 20 and 200 free spins on the Starburst slot machine, spread over 1 or 10 days. This can give new players a very good start to the life of a new online casino. However, one must remember that welcome bonuses, especially at new casinos, often have very strict requirements and rules. Always remember to read through the terms and conditions, but when it comes to a new casino it is even more important not to go bang. Also bring the wagering requirement for the welcome bonus and free spins before making a deposit to avoid boring surprises at a later date. This can give new players a very good start to the life of a new online casino. However, one must remember that welcome bonuses, especially at new casinos, often have very strict requirements and rules. Always remember to read through the terms and conditions, but when it comes to a new casino it is even more important not to go bang. Also bring the wagering requirement for the welcome bonus and free spins before making a deposit to avoid boring surprises at a later date. This can give new players a very good start to the life of a new online casino. However, one must remember that welcome bonuses, especially at new casinos, often have very strict requirements and rules. Always remember to read through the terms and conditions, but when it comes to a new casino it is even more important not to go bang. Also bring the wagering requirement for the welcome bonus and free spins before making a deposit to avoid boring surprises at a later date.

New Zealand Online Casino

Focus on usability

The large technological development that you have been aware of several times in the past is, as mentioned, one of the major reasons why more and more new online casinos are being launched today. Due to the technological time we live in today, various companies have begun to focus extra on ease of use, to offer the little extra when reaching out to new customers. This is also the case when it comes to online casinos, which want to make it easy for players to navigate their casinos online.

Increased ease of use is tremendous and is a great help for casino players during or between games. If a casino offers good usability, players will find it easier to take advantage of the casino’s various features, which is not always as trouble-free, especially if you take a look at older online casinos. These days, a lot of work is put into the design and appearance of online casinos, which really helps to create a complete experience when playing at an online casino. If the design, ease of use and availability of various features are important to you, it can certainly be an advantage to choose a new New Zealand casino where these values ​​are the cornerstones of the design and structure of the casino. After all, it is also far easier to get used to a design that is already built up for the purpose of being easy to use.

Several advantages of choosing a new New Zealand casino

At many points, it may almost seem that there are an exaggerated number of online casinos that have recently become available to choose from on the internet. After all, all the casinos offer the same thing, so does it make any sense to choose a new casino? We are of course aware that this is often an important issue, and of course there are benefits to choosing new New Zealand casinos.

If you register with a new casino, among other things, it is far more likely that most of the casino’s games are optimized for HTML5. This means that you have the opportunity to play far more than all the games the casino offers not only on your PC but also on your smart phone or tablet. In addition, a newer casino would like to have the most current and popular games in the industry, as the newer casinos are clear on what is popular in the market.

Can I play New Zealand casino online on my mobile?

Of course, the modern society that we live in today makes this possible. Most people prefer to have a smartphone nowadays and many also prefer tablets rather than computers. As long as you have a solid internet connection, you can play casino from the bathroom, the kitchen, the cafe or on the train. Just anywhere in New Zealand and abroad! The possibilities are endless and technology is growing faster than never before. More and more gaming companies are developing their own applications to make it easier to play from these two devices. However, the most common way is to use the browser on the phone to use the gaming site’s mobile version. This, of course, places demands on the gaming providers as they have to make games that actually work 100% on mobile and tablets. Gaming providers like NetEnt and Yggdrasil have really focused on this area and are providing games to casino operators on a continuous basis with great deals and promotions involved.