Since their introduction, Online Casinos have always sought to imitate the captivating casino experience a gambler usually enjoys at country casinos. Nowadays, they have managed to fulfill this ambition by making Live Casinos available. If you are interested in experiencing the thrilling experience of gambling at a live casino, we encourage you to read through our Live Casino guide and the list of the Best Live Casinos to find out which one is superior to the many live casinos that are available online.

Info to Live Casino

  • Live Casino is an innovative way to offer online gamers a realistic casino experience in games such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat.
  • The rules in a live casino are basically the same as in a physical casino, but sometimes specialized to allow as many players as possible to play at the same time.
  • In multiplayer games like Blackjack you can see all the cards dealt and the decisions of your fellow players.

The best live casino player

Are you looking for a captivating experience that emulates the casino experience you typically only have at a country casino? If you find yourself nodding your head in response to this question, you have certainly fallen into some luck as our players who have become casino experts have managed to compile a phenomenal list of casinos that you can play at. Take a look at our ranked and reviewed list of casinoes below to find the right one for you to play at.

Why live dealer casino?

Over the years, the casino industry has seen a radical change in the type of casino gamblers choose to play with. Obviously, it is the great technological advances that have made many people choose to make the transition from land casinos to online casinos. In reality, the gambling industry is perhaps the oldest industry in the world that has survived wars, bans and several industry changes.

Casinos have been based on generations from generations to generations, but, in the early 1990s, casinos began offering their online gambling services that brought a major revolution in the industry. Their introduction led many of the media companies, primarily software companies to develop more games such as Slots, Roulette, Baccarat as well as many more.

Global casino giants Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech began to develop games that were both easy to use as well as aesthetically pleasing to players. The fact that casinos began offering phenomenal online casino games has led to a significant increase in the amount of traffic online casinos have received over the past few months. Fast forward to the 21st century and online casinos have chosen to continue to improve their sites by offering live dealer services to make the casino experience more realistic.

In fact, live casinos appear far more favored than regular casinos because skeptics can see the cards being handed out in front of them instead of an automatic computer system. This is perhaps why gamblers make the transition from land casinos to online casinos, many gamblers choose to use live casinos rather than regular online casinos.

Benefits of Live Casino

Bringing the player closer to the extreme casino experience.

Players can chat with the dealers.

For many, live casinos are more credible than digital games.

Disadvantages of Live Casino

Slower games, you have to wait for everyone.

Bonuses are often inaccessible.

Less variety and requires better network connection.

What is a Live Casino?

Live Casino games and regular online casino games vary enormously in terms of how they are run. While regular casinos offer games that are completely computer controlled, live casinos offer games where a human dealer operates the game completely. Therefore, there is no RNG (Random Number Generators) involved in the process of distributing the cards in many of the games. Also, skeptics of the online casino industry tend to feel more secure because the dealers who run the casino games, such as Roulette, Baccarat and Blackjack, hand out the cards in front of the player.

Although we highly recommend the experience of playing at a live online casino, we must warn you that playing at one can be a little more costly than playing a regular online casino game. But what justifies the cost is that the online casino has to pay for the services of the live dealer, the cameramen as well as the electricity used in the streaming. Therefore, the truth is that running Live Casino games comes with a hefty price tag attached to what the online casino company must cope with.

How does a Live Casino Work?

Live Casinos provide an experience that is almost synonymous with the land casino gambling experience. Needless to say, this particular innovation in the iGambling industry has come about thanks to the constant advances in technology. This is especially true when it comes to the radical improvements that have been made in the IT industry which have mainly led to faster internet connection and better live streaming technology which in turn has met the requirements that live casinos needed to become a reality for both online casinos as well as enthusiastic gamblers.

When you choose to play games at a Live Casino as opposed to your average online casino, you will be given the choice to play the world’s most popular table games such as Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat. Playing one of these games will allow you to experience your cards being dealt out by a Live Dealer as opposed to the casino software. Also, if you happen to favor games that involve playing against other players, live casino games are definitely for you! Take a look below to find out more about the casino games typically offered at Live Casinos.

Live Casino Spill

Fun, innovative and definitely entertaining, Live Casinos offer gamblers the choice to experience the thrill of gambling at a land-based casino from the comfort of their own couch. Perhaps the most popular live casino games out there are classic table games such as Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat. But you will also find other great casino games at the larger and more specialized live online casinos, which include games such as Casino Hold’em, Three Card Poker and Caribbean Stud Poker.

Live Casino Games ranked by popularity:

1. Live Casino Blackjack

Live Casino Blackjack


Given that Blackjack is your favorite game and you are interested in playing it in a live casino, you will be pleased to know that Blackjack is the most popular live casino game out there. If you choose to play this game, you will play against players other than just the dealer, much like when you play blackjack at a country casino.

Blackjack is arguably the most popular casino game in the world and it is well transferred to live format in online casinos. This is also one of the games where you actually get the impression of playing with others, since that is actually what you do.

In online live blackjack, during the game you will see both your fellow players’ hands and choices as well as your own cards. After all, Blackjack is a game in which many think their teammates are rather opponents, and base their own tactics on what other players around the table choose as their choices. This concept is very well transferred to the live casino.

Interested in learning the rules and strategies you can use while playing the game? Then take a look at our Blackjack rules and Blackjack strategies pages to find out more about this game.

2. Live Casino Roulette

Live Casino Roulette


Although Live Roulette is not as popular with gamblers as Blackjack is, it does take another place in popularity. Roulette is known for being a game of pure luck that leaves its players longing for the winning outcome. During Live Roulette, you will experience a dealer spinning the roulette wheel just as if you were at a land-based casino.

Why does roulette work so well in a live casino format?

Roulette is not a game where the opponents’ choices matter, and because of this, a live casino can somehow run a game for each player. As in a land-based casino, you are required to complete your bets before the dealer launches the ball, but with extra features to repeat bets and save your favorite bets, you have plenty of time to complete all bets before the game starts.

To learn more about the game, take a look at our Roulette Rules and Strategies and Betting Strategies pages.

3. Live Casino Baccarat

Live Casino Baccarat


Live Baccarat takes third place in terms of popularity with live casinos. Despite the fact that this particular table game is not so loved by the casino fans, live tables are still offered to satisfy a larger crowd. Even if you sometimes find that nobody has sat down at the Baccarat table, you can just sit down and a live dealer will join the game shortly. Given that you want to learn more about Baccarat, we recommend that you take a look at CasinoSites Baccarat Rules and Strategies pages.

Why use Online Casinos Live Dealer?

Country casinos offer the attraction of the casino atmosphere and of course live dealers. This is perhaps why many players who are used to live casino environments sometimes find it difficult to make the transition to online gaming. To make this transition, casinos have chosen to introduce live dealing in an attempt to get these players one step closer to the real experience of playing in a casino. Live dealing attracts some online gamblers because they feel it is deeply more credible. It can be hard to believe that a computer program will make random cards without providing benefits to certain players (remember that all casinos we promote here have been tested for fair payouts). Although some people worry that it is too easy for a talented hacker to break into the system and change the program so that they will have an advantage over other players. This is not possible with live dealers. Casinos use real decks instead of number generating programs.

When playing casino games online, the rules are the same as at land casinos. In order to recreate the shuffling of cards made by the dealers in live casinos, online sites have used the random number generators to distribute the cards to the players. However, with live dealers shuffling the cards or handling the roulette wheel in real time, online casinos are one step closer to the real deal.

Choose to play at a Live Dealer Casino today!

The gambling industry is perhaps one of the oldest industries in the world that has survived wars, bans and several changes in the industry. A few years ago, iGambling welcomed the world of live casinos and continues today to be celebrated by online casinos as well as gamblers.

The reality is that live casinos have turned up because of their large gambler fan base that online casinos that do not adapt to the latest technology may well have to see themselves outperformed by competition within the next couple of years. Interested in using a live dealer casino? If you answer yes, you might as well choose a casino from our list of “Best Live Casinos” and play on a reputable site today!