Keno Strategy

Keno strategy – tips for Keno players

Since its introduction, the lottery-based game Keno has really made a name for itself in the gambling world. It is played by millions of people worldwide, who can be attracted and gamble away from the heart’s desire because of the game’s massive aggregate jackpot. While it is very fun to play in land based casinos, this game of chance is best played in online casinos.

If you play Keno online instead of the classic land-based counterpart, you will not only be able to play the game at the click of a button from your own comfortable home, but you will also be able to take advantage of the spectacular bonuses! After learning how to play Keno, you can get started and learn about Keno strategy by reading below.

Keno’s strategist
1. Remember that odds depend on the number of numbers chosen.
2. Like roulette, all numbers have the same chance of appearing.
3. Save time by playing multiple cards at once! Most keno games allow you to play up to 4 cards.

Keno Strategy Tips

Most gamblers are familiar with Keno because the game is super-visible at land-based casinos with their screens everywhere. This game of chance uses a random number generator (Random Number Generator or RNG) that randomly draws numbers. So there is basically nothing you can do to make sure your numbers are definitely deducted. Still, as a player, you can still follow some Keno strategy tips to guide you in how to play the game. Following our tips can potentially help you choose your numbers well, build a great bankroll and manage your money better while playing Keno online. Take a look at our Keno strategy tips below!

Keno Strategy Tips

1. Find the best bonus deal at Keno casinos online.

Deciding to play Keno online instead of in a land-based casino is actually a very smart choice for you! Most online casinos spread across the internet offer fantastic bonuses that you can take advantage of.

When choosing a casino to play with, keep in mind that the large number of online casinos has resulted in a very large competition between them. One competes with the other in full force to offer the best bonuses out there, hoping to potentially attract new players. So don’t go for the first bonus you see, and look for a more lucrative one that might help you build a better bankroll!

Keep in mind that you will only receive the casino registration bonus after registering and depositing money into your account through one of the many payment options offered at your preferred online casino. If you want to know more about the different types of bonuses available at online casinos, we recommend that you check out our Bonus Faqs page for more information.

2. Practice playing the game for free before playing for real money.

Do you lack confidence in playing Keno online? The first step you need to take is to read up on the rules of the game and learn the terms used. Once you’ve done this, you can get started and implement them by playing CasinoSites Free HTML 5 Keno game before throwing yourself into a real money Keno game at an online casino.

3. Don’t get frustrated with which numbers to choose.

When choosing your numbers, you do not need to feel frustrated as the outcome is completely random. So whether you choose your lucky numbers or just randomly select numbers, it will basically make no difference. Also, if choosing a handful of random numbers is challenging, you’ll be pleased to know that most Keno casino game developers have integrated a ‘Quick Pick’ option into modern Keno variants online. This will randomly pick out a number of numbers for you.

4. Go to using ‘multi-race’ cards

Most online casinos out there offer ‘multi-race’ cards, where players can choose numbers only once over a series of games. Playing with one of these ‘multi-race’ cards in Keno can save you some time, especially if you are constantly playing your lucky numbers and are tired of the thought of choosing them over and over.

5. Take into account odds when placing your bets.

When playing Keno, you must select a number of places to place your bet. In general you will be able to choose from 1 to 20 numbers, but this varies according to the place you gamble with. Take a look at the table below to discover the odds you have for winning a game.

CasinoSite experts advise that you do not select the maximum number of numbers, as the probability of hitting all of them is very low. For example, if you choose to hit 20 numbers on a 20-slot card, the odds of catching all the numbers will be 1 to 3.5 quintillions (1 to 3,535,316 142,212,333,666 to be exact). Still, if you select 20 numbers on the card with 20 slots, the same player will usually receive a payout to hit ‘catcher’ 1, 2, 3 and 7, and will often receive the same payout given that 17 to 19 hits pay the same like the solid hit of 20. However, the odds of hitting from 17 to 19 numbers are very small. So what we want to emphasize is that you do not waste your money on bets with colossal odds!

6. Don’t place big bets in Keno.

Because Keno has a very high house advantage of 25 to an average of 40% depending on which casino you choose to play at, you will lose more often than win. So considering this, it is best to place small bets rather than big bets in Keno. Keep in mind that the casino usually retains $40 out of every $100 you bet. This is about 40%.

7. Take it easy.

One of the main differences between Keno in land-based casinos and online casinos is that Keno plays online at a much faster pace. Usually, when the numbers are drawn in a game in land-based casinos, you have to wait for a game to end, but at online casinos you don’t have to wait. Instead, you can simply play again and again for as long as you wish. While this may prove to be advantageous, you should not get carried away as you will end up investing too much money.

8. Stick to your bankruptcy.

Staying in your bankroll is incredibly important when playing any type of casino game, both online and offline. If you play Keno, your bankroll should last a good while, given that you are going to place bets of a reasonable size. Want to learn how to handle your money better when playing this game of chance? Read our Keno Money Management page to find out more.

Keno odds

In essence, the payouts in Keno are based on how many numbers you have chosen as a player during the game, in addition to the numbers that have been made. This is then multiplied by the proportion of the bet you have placed to the ‘basic frequency’. Generally speaking, the more numbers a player chooses and the more places that hit, the greater the payout. Remember that payouts vary depending on which casino you play at. When placing your Keno bets, you should consider the probability of winning.

number of hitsOdds
01 i 843.380 (0.11857057%)
11 i 86.446 (1.15678605%)
21 i 20.115 (4.97142576%)
31 i 8.009 (12.48637168%)
41 i 4.877 (20.50318987%)
51 i 4.287 (23.32807380%)
61 i 5.258 (19.01745147%)
71 i 8.826 (11.32954556%)
81 i 20.055 (4.98618021%)
91 i 61.420 (1.62814048%)
101 i 253.801 (0.39401000%)
111 i 1,423.822 (0.07023351%)
121 i 10,968.701 (0.00911685%)
131 i 118,084.920 (0.00084685%)
141 i 1,821,881.628 (0.00005489%)
151 i 41,751,453.986 (0.00000240%)
161 i 1,496,372,110.872 (0.00000007%)
171 i 90,624,035,964.712
181 i 10,512,388,171,906.553
191 i 2,946,096,785,176,811.500
201 i 3,535,316,142,212,173,800.000

Note: Odds will change depending on the number of slots you have selected on each card.

Gains and withdrawals

Once the Keno numbers have been drawn and you have discovered which ones you have managed to hit, the number you hit with the payout will appear in the game. If you have been lucky enough to win, you must first meet the wagering requirements of the casino before you can withdraw the money.

Win Money With CasinoSites Keno Strategy Tips!

Real Keno games have 80 balls in the container that are randomly drawn after players pick the numbers and place their bets. While anxious Keno players in land-based casinos wait for the numbers to be announced on the Keno screens found literally throughout the casino, such as the hotel restaurant, the beauty salon and so on, the players who have played online are lucky enough to get the numbers shown just one second after being hit on their digital Keno card.

If you want to play Keno online, the only skills you will need are to choose the best casino bonuses, choose enough slots to make a lucrative win and ultimately decide how much you want to bet. So go on to our list of the best Keno casinos online, choose an online casino to play with and start picking numbers and placing your bets!