Keno Bankroll Strategy

Keno money management – how to handle your bankroll

A lot of what makes Keno attractive is that you can win a lot of money, even thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars on as little investment as one dollar or two. As in a traditional lottery, a big one can make a near negligible amount of money change one’s life with a little luck. Unlike traditional lotteries, Keno games can be played every few minutes, giving players repeated attempts to realize that dream. Implementing Keno money management could possibly make your dream of wading into banknotes a reality! Before plunging into this game of chance, our Keno experts recommend that you read this page to get some insight into how to handle your money.

How to play Keno and win

Before we talk about winning in Keno, you should first refresh the basics of the casino game. Of course, this includes two different aspects; The Keno rules and strategy. Understanding how Keno works is one of the most important things that will affect your odds of winning the game.

In Keno online you are given a card consisting of a grid of 80 numbers. Your main task in the game is to pick out a few numbers on the grid. In general, there will be both a minimum number and a maximum number of places you can choose. Usually it ranges from 1-20 places, but this usually varies according to the casino you play at. Remember that because online Keno uses a Random Number Generator (RNG), it is not possible to influence the outcome of which numbers appear.

After selecting your numbers, you must then select the amount to bet and the number of games you want to play. Typically, the smallest bet you can place in one round of Keno will be $1, while the largest bet you can place is $10. Also, instead of choosing to play one Keno game, you can choose to play 5, using the same slots in online Keno using ‘multi-race’ cards.

Keno winning tips

Keno Bankroll

Basically, winning in Keno does not depend on which strategy you choose to implement, so if you have hopelessly been searching the net to find a strategy that works, you can just give up as you are really wasting energy! However, if you want a better chance of winning, you can always work on building a big bankroll that will let you stay in the game longer. Learn how to build your bankroll below.

How to Build Your Keno Bankroll

Building your bankruptcy to play Keno is certainly not as difficult as it sounds. In essence, this process simply means saving a portion of your monthly income. If you find it difficult to save a percentage of money each month, we recommend that you either set up a separate bank account from your payroll account, or possibly just find a large glass jar and fill it with small cash after you have been in the store. Eventually the sums will be large!

Your money deposit in an online casino

When you’re happy with how big your bankroll is, all you have to do is deposit your money into a Keno casino. This can be done by using one of the many payment options at your preferred online casino. When you have some cash in your account, not only can you play a Keno game online, but you can also receive your registration bonus that will help you make your bankroll even bigger!

Keno money management

Keno Bets

In gambling, money management is the best way to control your destiny in the iGambling world. Managing your money while playing casino games is quite like setting up a budget in real life to survive the month until you get your next paycheck. This is especially true when it comes to the beloved and very entertaining game of chance Keno, where numbers are randomly drawn by the Keno machine. Basically, if your main focus is on learning some Keno money management skills, this will help you distribute your bankroll better. This is how you will virtually get a guaranteed victory!

Keno Money Management Tips

The key to Keno money management is that it is an almost insignificant amount. One dollar a week won’t make many wallets slim, but two dollars every fifteen minutes can be a totally different matter. If you don’t budget your Keno gaming carefully, you could end up with a giant hole in your pocket. Follow our Keno Money Management tips below to learn how to manage your money!

1. Place small bets instead of large ones

Keno is a game of chance that allows you to place small bets on every game you play. Usually, the smallest bet you can place in a Keno online game will be $1, but this will vary depending on the casino you are playing at. This will help you stay in the game for much longer as you want to stretch your bankroll better.


Try to note how much you risk while playing Keno per hour. Depending on how many seats you usually choose, you can rarely win. If this happens, make sure you have enough in your bankroll to play for as many hours as you want, even if you never get a seat. Hopefully this will not happen, but if it does you will be well prepared.


Live-Keno has an interval between the games, which reduces your exposure to the house advantage. Video Keno and online Keno do not have this. The game goes much faster, which means there will be much more volatility and variety in your results. So be sure to adjust your Keno bankroll and your expectations accordingly if you have switched to Video Keno or Online Keno.

Play Keno online for real money

Keno money management

If you have enjoyed playing Keno in a land-based casino before, you will surely enjoy playing Keno online at one of the best Keno casinos in our list here at CasinoSite New Zealand! Although winning this game of chance is totally dependent on luck, by implementing Keno Money Management while playing the game you can have a better chance of winning! Not convinced yet? Test your money management skills by playing our free Keno game in your own, comfortable home or while on the go! Then go to our ranked and featured list of the best Keno casinos online and get ready to win money!