The ATM was popular for a long time, but with a rapidly growing market and a demand for ATMs with larger and better payouts, kiosks and shopping malls in New Zealand had to follow the trend. Jackpot 2000 was perhaps the most popular among the new vending machines that were becoming widely used on the market. The opportunity to win 2000 dollar by only betting the 10 dollar that had been used in the shopping cart previously may have been exciting for many, much like how the mortgage lottery attracts many today.

Spill free Jackpot 6000 her!

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People’s favorite

In an ever-evolving vending scene online, the Jackpot 6000 has proven to be a vending machine that goes back among New Zealanders. In addition, the Jackpot 6000 is a slot machine where the player’s decisions and efforts may actually have something to say on the payout. How to use the super meter can increase a player’s payout up to 98.9%, which adds the slot up there with well-paying table games for experienced players. There is also something “New Zealand” about the vending machine. The vending machine was developed in New Zealand, and the name Jackpot 2000 or 6000 would hardly have taken off in the same way abroad as it did in New Zealand (and to some extent Denmark), for example, the Jackpot 200 does not sound as cool, if it had been 200 pounds that was the maximum gain. Not that it is necessarily less money, but having thousands in the name has definitely helped in popularity.

Jackpot 6000 through the ages

So from its inception as Jackpot 2000, the vending machine was popular in New Zealand, and it was a huge loss when they disappeared from the stores. Many then chose to use the Danish boat, where you could find some vending machines, and others stopped playing. Until the famous machine appeared online. As if it had never been gone, New Zealand players provided the slot machine, now with a new name, higher jackpot, the ability to bet both more or less than before, but with the good old sounds and graphics.

Tips to play
1. Always bet max coins for the highest payout.
2. Learn to use the super meter wisely.
3. Watch your bet at the bottom of the menu and don’t hang yourself too much on the coins on the screen.

How to play Jackpot 6000

coin Value

The first thing you do when you play is to decide on the bet, and to do that you need to know the difference between coin bet and money bet. At different casinos, the minimum and maximum bets can vary, from the lowest being 10 per spin and the highest being 100 dollar per spin. Based on the desktop version of the vending machine, you will find some images of coins that you can tap on at the bottom right of the screen. These are the coin values ​​you have available, and depending on the casino, these usually range from 0.10 to 10. On Jackpot 6000 you can bet between 1 and 10 coins, so the coin values ​​simply mean each coin you bet has a value of between 10 cents and 10 cents. NOK. Since the jackpot is 6000 coins, this means that with 10 cent coin value a jackpot will be worth 600 dollar, with a coin value of 1 the jackpot will equal 6000 dollar, where it has its name from, and with a coin value of $10, the jackpot will pay you a full $60,000. Because of the design and the different coin values, you will never win more than 6,000 coins, but it is the value of these coins that you have the opportunity to choose.


After selecting the coin value, remember that the Jackpot 6000 is an example of a slot machine where it is always trickiest to play with max bets, which is 10 coins. The payout increases significantly, with almost a 25% higher benefit than if you bet only 1 coin. Coin value and coin bet may mean that you have several ways to bet $10. You can bet 10 coins with a value of 1 dollar or you can bet 1 coin with a value of 10 dollar. Then again, the payout is highest if you bet 10 coins, in this case we recommend that you stick to coin value 1 and bet 10. To increase your bet, press “Bet” or go straight to 5 paylines and max payout just tap on the “Max Bet” located next to the Spin button. These buttons are independent of the coin value you have set and only increase the number of coins you bet.

It may seem very advanced at first, but learning is very fast. And just use our free version of the vending machine on this page to try you out until you know exactly what we’re talking about.

It is also a good idea to keep track of your bets on NetEnt’s standard balance and betting summary, which is the gray chart you will find under the vending machine. If you follow here instead of looking at the machine’s own efforts and balance, you can easily see exactly the amount you are betting on, and not just the number of coins.


The supermeter is available when you bet 10 coins and is the feature that increases the return rate of the player by around 25%. As soon as you hit 3 identical symbols on a payline, you will have several options to choose from, such as Collect, Transfer, Head or Coin, and Spin. We deal with transfer, head and coins later.

If you hit the full screen with lemons, for example, you will win 100 coins. By using “collect” you transfer all 100 to your own balance and get a profit of the 100 multiplied by your coin value right into your betting account.

If you want to use the supermeter you can press spin. With the supermeter, your bet is doubled, and at the same time you open up a unique feature that you won’t find in regular games. In the super meter, you only need to hit two jokers to get a “mystery” win, which can be anywhere from 10 to 6,000 coins. You also spend money from the winnings when you play on the super meter, so even if the bet is doubled you will not see your own balance go down, only the balance you have from the winnings.

Note that in the super meter, maximum winnings are 6,000 coins, so if you have 4000 coins available and hit 3 jokers and jackpot, it may feel like you are missing out on the remaining 4,000 coins. That is why it is important to use super meter smart. For example, when you have 4000 coins it may be okay to collect, to try to reach new gains.

Gamble, all or nothing

If you want to live a little on the edge, you can gamble your winnings. Press the head or coin button for an opportunity to double the winnings, which you can do until you either lose once or reach 6,000 coins.

By using the “transfer” button you can choose how much of your winnings you want to gamble. You may win 100 coins and will take the chance to reach 200, but if you want to be secured against losses you can, for example, gamble only 40 coins at a time by transferring portions of the bet. If you win a gamble you must transfer again.

It is also important to note that the maximum profit on the machine is 6000 coins. If you have 5000 coins and gamblers, you risk losing all 5000, but with a win you will only win 1000 until you reach the maximum profit.

Read your casino bonus rules before playing

The Jackpot 6000 doubles your bet under the super meter and offers a gamble feature. In many casino’s bonus rules you will be able to find clauses such as “gambling winnings are not allowed” or “maximum wagers”. Then it is important to remember that you do not have to use the gamble function, or risk that in the super meter you bet the maximum bet allowed with the bonus you use. Therefore, if you play with bonuses, it is important to check the rules before playing Jackpot 6000.

Jackpot 6000 on mobile

The game was originally only available on computers online, but has since received an updated HTML5 mobile version. On the mobile version there are some simple changes from the desktop version, but the game goes the same and other than how to select bets and graphics, the game is identical.

In fact, some advantages can be found by playing the mobile version over the desktop version. Since the Jackpot 6000 Touch is a newer automaton than the desktop version and therefore uses the more modern HTML5 technology instead of Flash, the Jackpot 6000 Touch opens up for free spins, which you would not otherwise find for this machine.