iPhone Casino Guide – Best iPhone Casinos 2020

Apple has been a leader in the mobile market for years, with users queuing all night in front of Apple’s stores to be one of the first to get their hands on the latest iPhone or iPad. Most people use their mobile devices more often than they use their regular computer. Therefore, it is only natural that users of online casinos will play more and more from their iPhone or iPad.

These iPhone or iPad casinos allow users to log in to their casino, anywhere and anytime – either via Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G. Many online casinos have developed their own applications and also several HTML5 supported games, which do not need to be downloaded, which means you can play the games directly in the browser of your iPhone.

1. iPhone casinos are available as apps but one can also play through the browser.
2. The available apps are tested for high security and full functionality.
3. You can play while on the go.
4. You will find a large selection of games that includes slot machines, rouletteblackjack and much more.

What is an iPhone Casino?

iPhone Casino

iPhone casinos are online casinos designed to be compatible with Apple’s operating system on iPhone. Online casinos are also available on iPod Touch, iPad and now even on Apple Watch. Casinos make their games accessible to iOS users by developing applications, available through the App Store. The games are also developed in HTML 5 software, which is compatible with all mobile devices and operating systems.

iPhone and iPad – Online casino games

Previously, Apple didn’t allow games in their App Store to allow users to play for real money. This resulted in a reduced amount of real money games for iPhone and iPad casino players. There are many online casino apps that have a large selection of free games (especially slots / slots), and while there are some fewer apps available for real money play, there are still a good number of them in the App Store.

You will not find the full range of games found in the online casino, but with the advances of HTML5 games, more and more games are available to play right in the browser of your mobile device. As it stands, the iPhone and iPad applications cater more for the slot game enthusiast as they have the widest selection, although a selection of iPhone casinos offer the full range of games such as blackjack, roulette, crapsbaccarat, and keno.

The difference between Online and iPhone Casinos

When playing at an iPhone casino, you do not have to sacrifice any benefits you get when playing at an online casino on your desktop or laptop. There have been restrictions before, when accessing free games, as iOS does not support Adobe Flash Player which has been used before for no download games. Online game developers are now developing games that can be played with HTML5 software that can be used on all devices and operating systems, meaning that all games available online will soon be available to players who have an iOS device.

iPhone Casinos

Bonuses are available for both online and iPhone casino players, and sometimes there are special mobile device bonuses that you can take advantage of too! You can access your iPhone casino account with the login details you use for your online casino account – there is no difference as long as it is linked to the same online casino. The biggest difference you’ll find is that when you play your favorite game on your iPhone or iPad, you can play from almost anywhere instead of being tied to your desktop or laptop, and you can take advantage of the enhanced experience when You play on touchscreen devices with extraordinary graphics as well.

Support for iPhone Casino Customers

If you have problems with your iPhone casino or iPad casino account, you can contact the customer service team of the online casino you are playing at, just like your regular online casino account. If your problems are of a more technical nature, check if your chosen online casino has or does not have a technical support team and go to them first if they have. If not, tell all the customer service issues and they will redirect you to the best member of the team to help you. But remember, sometimes it’s your own mobile device that may be the cause of the problem, and not the iOS casino itself.

Security and Privacy at an iPhone Casino

Each and every one of our top iPhone casino apps has the highest levels of security you can expect. Your details remain secure and confidential when playing on your iOS mobile device, just like at your favorite online casino that you play on your computer. You can read through our casino reviews to make sure you play with a credible and legitimate iOS casino. When playing with the mobile app or browser version of reputable online casinos, there is really nothing to be concerned about.

If you’re brand new to online gaming, check out our casino leaderboards and browse their iPhone casino gaming deals before signing up, if you know you’re going to end up playing more on your iPhone or iPad – this will make sure you play with only the best casinos available.

How to play with real money on iPhone or iPad

If a game supports HTML 5, you can play at the online casino directly in your mobile browser without having to download anything on your phone. These games will be in the no download or instant casino section. If you are playing one of the games in the online casino app, you must first download the app from the apple store and install it on your mobile device. You then need to enter your account password and username, so make sure you already have an account set up at the online casino when you download the app. You will then need to select a special PIN to use each time you play.

How to make a deposit on your Apple Device

iPhone casino deposit

Making a deposit on your iPhone or iPad is exactly the same as playing at an online casino on your desktop or laptop. You go into your casino account, choose a payment option, fill in the requested details and submit – that’s all. You can read reviews about different payment methods on our site before choosing one to use, but they range from MasterCardPayPal to Neteller and Visa credit cards. Check out what the fees are for each one. There are some iPhone casinos that may require you to do this from your desktop PC as an extra security measure.

Benefits of playing at an iPhone Casino

One of the best reasons to play at an iOS casino is that you can play from virtually anywhere with Wi-Fi or 3G. You need to be limited to sitting on a chair in front of your desk or carrying your laptop around to play. If you wait for hours at the doctor or your friend is late to meet you, you can play for real money directly on your mobile device instead of browsing your iPhone or iPad mindlessly to kill time.

If you are an iPad owner, playing your favorite casino game on your device will be a great experience, as the iPad was designed to have a larger laptop screen along with the ease of mobility and portable side of a smartphone. Along with the superior graphics, this is an ideal device to play on.

If you’re one of the millions of iPhone owners, you’ll be glad to know that developers keep you in mind as they develop their mobile apps or instant games. There have been significant improvements in the software used to play games on mobile devices. With the advent of HTML 5, more and more games will start to become available at online casinos that can be played directly from your iPhone with top quality graphics, animation and sound. Not only are HTML 5 games more advanced, but iOS devices have superior graphics over other devices that will make a visual impact with your iOS casino experience and just look absolutely beautiful.

Disadvantages of playing at an iPhone Casino

Playing games on your iOS mobile device can consume a lot of data, depending on how long you end up playing and the graphics of that specific game, so this is something to keep in mind if you have a limited amount of data on your mobile device. If you only play now and then, and not for hours at a time, this will not create too much bulk in your mobile data quota. If you’re really worried, monitor your computer usage as you play to get a good idea of ​​how much data a game uses.

If you are waiting to play at an iPad casino, you may find that the game has not been optimized for the larger screen, as mobile optimization is more often done for the iPhone. It may also be possible that the functionality is not so clear, which makes the game a little easier to play.

The best iOS casinos will be the mobile version of the best online casinos, check out our list of online casinos that our expert team has reviewed for you. When you access the online casino from your iOS device, the app link will normally be visible on the homepage. You can also go straight to the apple store if you already know which online casino you want to play at.