Free Slots

Free Slots

If you turn the time back a few decades, then it was nothing, called online slot machines. At this time it was played on physical slots, which could attract many players. This classic slot machine had a certain charm as the big reels rotated, and players stood excitedly waiting for three identical symbols to trigger a win. However, there has been a major development of the slot machine since that time, with millions of players visiting an online casino every day in search of the big winnings. In terms of security, it is important to mention that if you play at a certified online casino, all slot machines will use a Random Number Generator (RNG), which creates a random outcome. This gives the players extra security as it shows that the games are fair and 100% random.

If you choose to register with an online casino, which you can find on our casino top list, then one thing is for sure – the casino will always have a large selection of different slot machines. At most online casinos, new slots are frequently added to provide the best entertainment for players. Of course, it will be an opportunity to play for real money on these slots, but could it be an advantage to play on a free slots before that time? This question will be answered on this page, where the purpose of free slots will be further elaborated.


Online slots are available in a dizzying number of editions, which is also why slot machines have become so popular for avid casino players. However, it can be difficult for players to find the best slot machines on the internet, where it can also be difficult to learn new rules every time you want to try a new slot machine. So not only does it take time to get acquainted with new slot machines, but it can also end up being a costly affair. If players do not control the rules but choose to play for real money, then it can quickly have a negative effect on the overall gaming budget. If a player is also trying to master a strategy for a slot machine, this may take time to implement, where the player also has a greater tendency to make mistakes in the first phase of an implementation.

Other free slots

Mr Chicken

Fun, colorful and wonderfully entertaining – Mr Chicken is, if not a prototype, certainly one of the better free games.

The game is designed in classic cartoon style with funny symbols that make the player in a good mood. The whole thing is of course spiced up with a recurring and annoying yet strangely catchy background music.

Mr Chicken does not bring anything brand new into the vending scene. Five reels, each with three symbols and five paylines, ensure you get the entertainment you want when you play the slot machines.

There is also a bonus round where you have to find the most valuable egg.

Basically, Mr. Chicken is just innocent fun, and a simple introduction to the basics of slot machines. You don’t have to worry about losing. In Mr. Chicken, only play money is played.

CT10 – Chicken Slots Try for free 

Space Adventure

Space Adventure certainly takes place in a distant galaxy a long time ago, but there is more cartoon than Star Wars in this game.

Colorful aliens, astronauts, spaceships and planets form the backdrop to the game as the player chases the winnings of Space Adventure, so it’s not wrong.

Even the vending machine is easy to like. Five reels with three symbols visible on each, and you can play with up to 5 paylines. The game also has a “hold” feature, something you see less and less of on real money slot machines in the casinos.

The winnings you receive depend on your efforts. The payout table is hidden behind the “info” button, where you find how many coins you win for the different symbol combinations. Maybe a little indifferent when playing for play money, but for many it is fine to have.

All in all, Space Adventure is a simple slot machine with a few surprises and several features you can recognize from real slot machines if you step into real casinos.

CT10 – Space Slots Try for free

Soccer Ultimate

Soccer Ultimate is a slot machine for football enthusiasts and those who enjoy multi-payout machines.

Italy, Brazil, Argentina and the USA are the teams, but the top prize is won by getting the trophy 5 times in a line. It’s not easy, but with the game’s 20 paylines across 5 reels, it’s also not impossible.

The winnings are high in Soccer Ultimate, and it helps that you only need two equal countries in a row to make a profit.

Maybe not the most realistic vending machine online, but you only win play money anyway, and good entertainment is.

CT10 – Soccer Slots Prøv free


It must be safe to assume that most players choose to sign up at an online casino because they hope they can be the lucky winner of the huge jackpot. Players are gripped by the idea that a simple touch on a slot machine can trigger a large amount of cash, which can change a lifetime. All players have heard these success stories about players, who won the jackpot at an online casino, where this is also the dream of most new players, who set up at an online casino.

When players first try a slot machine, it can be expensive in terms of both time and money, as mentioned earlier. A lot of online gamers tend to throw themselves into new games with head first, where in reality they don’t think very rationally. Is it really the best idea to start playing for real money when you have never tried the game before?

Our experts at CasinoSite don’t think so! If a player wants to play on a particular slot machine for the first time, our experts always recommend that you try a free version of the slot machine in advance. This is actually due to several different reasons, all of which benefit the player sooner or later. Obviously, playing a casino game seems a little more tedious without the chance to win real money, but it has a purpose. If players choose to play a free edition of a slot machine, they will have the opportunity to become acquainted with the game and its rules.

In addition to this, it is also a perfect opportunity to practice implementing strategies for the game, which can ultimately help players win even bigger winnings. These are in themselves two huge benefits of free slots, but it does not end there! If players spend time playing on a free slot machine, players will also become more experienced in terms of the size of the bet. It can be a useful tool for finding a suitable deposit amount, which is wise in relation to the player’s overall gaming budget. At some point, players will notice that they need to keep track of the rules, strategies and bets of the game, then it will be time to play for real money, which hopefully will give them some extra cash. 

At CasinoSite, we believe that players should take advantage of the opportunity to play on free slots. If you choose to spend time on a free slot machine, your skills and knowledge will be further developed, so you have a greater chance of making a profit when you start playing for real money. Our experts at CasinoSite don’t understand why players are so busy getting started playing for real money. The slots will also be available in a few days, so why not spend extra time preparing? Take two steps back in the process and start playing on a free slot machine. When you feel so confident, you can choose to start a real money game where you will have the opportunity to win a huge jackpot! Just find a slot machine that suits your specific needs!