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Frequently asked questions about bonuses

One of the factors that distinguishes land-based casinos from online casinos is bonuses. Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions about bonuses below to learn more about the different ones offered at online casinos, the best ones to acquire, how to get them, when they can be raised and more! 

Bonus Types – Questions and Answers

The difference between bonus and exclusive bonusWhat is a Welcome Bonus?
What is a bonus with no deposit requirements?What is a match bonus?
What is a sticky bonus?What is a loyalty bonus?
How do you get the best bonus?How do you maximize the casino bonus?
When can I withdraw a bonus?What is a sales requirement?
What are progressive jackpots?How do I win a progressive jackpot?

What is the difference between bonus and exclusive bonus?

In essence, there are many different types of bonuses that a casino is able to offer. These include sign-up / welcome bonuses, exclusive bonuses, deposit casino bonus, no deposit casino bonus, free game casino bonuses, free spin bonuses, refer-a-friend bonus and high roller bonuses.

What is a Welcome Bonus?

Usually, most online casinos offer welcome bonuses to get you started as a gambler in your iGambling journey. Unfortunately, you can only get this bonus once per casino you sign up for. Therefore, before proceeding and recording your information, you should aim to do some research first.

What is a bonus with no deposit requirements?

A No Deposit Bonus, also known as a Free Money Bonus, is one that you can usually receive by just signing up for an account. In this case, making an additional bonus is not necessary. Still, if you are interested in this type of bonus, you should take the time to read it in small print as the online casino can impose high wagering requirements and annoying withdrawal restrictions as a result of offering you a no deposit bonus. Therefore, even though no deposit bonus you are looking at may seem appealing, you can bark up the wrong three, especially if you can afford to make a deposit.

Casino bonus

What is Match Bonus?

A Match Bonus is one where an online casino matches your deposit with a fixed percentage. But one thing you should definitely note is that there is usually a limit to how much a casino will be able to match your bonus. For example, if you deposit $ / € 100 and the bonus match is 400%, you will be able to receive $ / € 400 in return.

What is duck “Sticky Bonus”?

The difference between the sticky and no-sticky bonus

What is a sticky bonus?

The classic sticky bonus is called this because as long as you have this bonus you will have to complete the wagering requirement before you can withdraw money, and sometimes before you can vary your game from anything other than slot machines.

After depositing with a sticky bonus, both the deposit and the bonus you receive will be placed in a joint sum, and any winnings you win will be inaccessible to withdrawals before the bonus is completed. This means that even if you were to win big on your first few games after a new deposit with bonus, you will not be able to cancel the remaining bonus and withdraw the money. If the turnover requirement is high, this means that you are not guaranteed withdrawals even if you are lucky and win big.

1000 1000 = 2000

With a sticky bonus of 100%, after 1000 dollar deposit you will have 2000 dollar in the account. These 2000 will all be bonus money, and winnings will therefore also be bonus money. If you win $ 10,000 on your very first game with such a bonus, you will now have $ 12,000 bonus money. With a standard wagering requirement of 35x, you now have $ 35,000 to bet before you can withdraw the bonus. This means that even after such a win, you are not guaranteed any withdrawals. Yes, such a win will help big but you have no guarantee.

Turnover of a sticky bonus

If you have a sticky bonus, you start working on the wagering requirement as soon as you start playing. If your wagering requirement is a standard 35x wagering requirement on the bonus, it means you have to bet for $ 35,000 before you can make withdrawals before you can withdraw the money. As long as you have a bonus on your account, you are often limited to making bets over $ 50, and bets on some slots can sometimes cause the casino to remove both bonuses and winnings, and even deposit if you have played for more than what you bet original. This is because winnings, even from the first few dollars you play with, go directly to your bonus balance.

What is a Parachute Bonus?

A parachute, or no-sticky bonus, is an extra chance to make withdrawals even after losing your entire deposit. This also means that you will not take advantage of the bonus until you have no more money left over from the original deposit.

If you have such a bonus you will first use your own money to play with. All winnings you earn remain real money, and with a little luck you will have the opportunity to withdraw without ever touching the bonus. If you have such a bonus, you can easily contact customer service to remove your bonus if you have not used it. Optimally, real money gambling offers the bonus but very few casinos do this.

1000 1000 = 1000 1000

With a 100% parachute bonus you can make a deposit of 1000 dollar and you will now have 1000 dollar real money and 1000 dollar bonus. Therefore, as long as you do not lose $ 1000 you will never actually play with the bonus, which is only there as a last chance of the deposit disappearing. This means that as long as you stay above $ 1000 balance (which is locked as a bonus) you will always have the option to withdraw. You will usually have to let go of the bonus if you want, but the opportunity is there. At some casinos, real money bets also count towards the wagering requirement, so if you have a really good session you will suddenly see the bonus transferred from the bonus balance to the real money you can withdraw, without having played with the bonus.

Turnover of a no-sticky bonus

No-sticky bonuses often have just as stringent turnover requirements as a sticky bonus, but they have a big difference, and that is that you don’t play with the bonus until you run out of real money. Therefore, you can bet as much as you want as long as you have real money left in your account and the bonus requirements do not start until the bonus money you play for and the real money is empty. This can also vary and it is important to read the rules, as there are no-sticky bonuses where real money actually counts against the wagering requirement (ie you can wager the entire bonus without ever touching it), but then it may even be the bonus money that lies on hold can be removed if the real money goes above the maximum.

What is the loyalty bonus?

Loyalty bonuses are like a bird of an extra feather compared to other bonuses. Usually, these types of bonuses are given to loyal customers who have continuously played at the same casino site for months or years. In this case, you will probably have received a monthly match bonus similar to the one you first receive when signing up for a new casino.

Online Casino Bonus: Questions and Answers

How to get it best Casino Bonus?

Provided you are interested in gambling online, you will probably want to get the best bonus available. Well, getting the best bonus is basically dependent on a few things. These include, of course, how much deposit you make, match the percentage offered and how loyal you are to the choice of your online casino. If you’re new to the iGambling world, we encourage you to help us in your quest to find the best fit for your gambling needs. Our team of gambling experts, writers and editors at CasinoSite have compiled fully reviewed lists of online casinos that offer some of the best bonuses on the web. Check out our Bonus casino and exclusive bonus sites to find out more. Still, if you haven’t had time to read through our two pages, take a look below to get a brief overview of the various bonuses that are just as catchy.

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How can I maximize my Casino Bonus?

Maximizing your online casino bonus depends on two factors, which are small in relation to the bonus and how much you choose to deposit. If you are a major player you will be able to maximize your bonus by depositing more money, however, a casino has a bonus limit on how much you will be able to receive. So if you have been thinking about gambling using a large sum, we recommend that you always check the bet amount required and the bonus limit.

Our experts at CasinoSite always suggest you take a look at it in small print, before proceeding to sign up for a casino – to decide whether to deposit money into the online casino will prove to be worth it in form of bonuses. If you need help calculating the bonus money you will be able to receive, we recommend using our Bonus Calculator. Looking for the best bonuses around? Look no further than CasinoSite as we have gone ahead and scoured the web for you to find the best bonuses out there. Here is a small hint, if you register through our site you will be able to get a bigger and better bonus than those offered directly from the online casino!

When can I withdraw bonus money?

You will usually be able to withdraw bonus money after transferring money to your online casino account. You will find that most of the time, bonus money you get is based on a number of factors that include; the amount you deposit, the bonus match percentage and how much you are able to receive (since most casinos will actually have a limit on how much bonus money you will be able to receive).

For example, if a casino has a 100% bonus match on deposit below $ / € 2500 and you deposit $ / € 100, you will be able to receive $ / € 200 in return for playing games at the casino. Remember that usually bonus money given to you by a casino can only be spent at the online casino and cannot be withdrawn. That being said, every casino is actually unique, so in retrospect we always recommend that you take a look at the terms and conditions of the welcome bonus that you are interested in before claiming it. 

Sales Requirements: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sales requirement and how can it go wrong?

Betting requirements or playing through the requirements are interchangeable terms that are often used at the online casino. Essentially one thing you should definitely keep in mind is that a bonus you get from an online casino is usually associated with a wagering requirement.

Turnover requirements based on Deposits

Typically, wagering requirements are a multiple of bonuses given and indicated by a number and an “X”, for example: 10 X, 30 X etc. The total is the amount of money that must be deposited before you can withdraw winnings from a online casino. This means that if you have deposited $ / € 100 and the wagering requirement is 30 X, you must make $ / € 30,000 in bets before you are able to withdraw money. This does not mean that you have to have $ / € 3000 which every time you bet, whether you win or lose, will count towards your wagering requirements.

For example, if you have played on a slot machine and have wagered $ / € 1 on each spin for a total of 10 spins, and you manage to win $ / € 8 and lose $ / € 2, you will still contribute $ / € 10s to sales requirements. In addition, if you continue to play on another game such as roulette or continue to play slots and you bet $ / € 1 on each spin for a total of 10 spins and manage to win $ / € 1000, you will be up at $ / € 990, but you will still be contributing $ / € 10 towards your wagering requirements. This amount will depend on the casino and the country you are playing from.

Turnover requirements Based on deposits and bonuses

Casino bonuses

Some casinos not only apply the wagering requirement to the amount you receive as a bonus, but also to the amount you choose in deposit. This is known as D (Deposit Amount) B (Bonus Amount) rates. For example, if you deposit $ / € 300 and a $ / € 200 bonus, the wagering requirement will be set higher at the casino. Assuming that the wagering requirement is DB, wagering requirements will be marked as 30 XB, with “X” being the deposit and “B” being the bonus amount times 30. Suppose you have deposited an amount of $ / € 300 and received a bonus of $ / € 200, you would then have to plus the two amounts and times the total of 30 which would mean that the turnover requirement must then be a total of $ / € 15,000.

If you are new to the iGambling scene, you should be aware that most players will not take a bonus of less than a 100% match if the casino says it has a DB wagering requirement on it. If a casino offers you a 20% bonus on a $ / € 100 deposit with a DB wagering requirement then the requirement will be $ / € 3600 where most of it is the player’s own money. Keep in mind that most casinos have higher wagering requirements on sign up bonuses and no bonuses, since in retrospect, these are the most commonly used.

Percentage in relation to sales requirements

Remember that some games will contribute different percentages in the wagering requirement and not all games will pass through these requirements. For example, Slots can count as 100%, so a $ / € 2 bet will count as $ / € 2 of the wagering requirement. Roulette can count as 50% so if you make a bet of $ / € 2, you will only contribute $ / € 1 towards the wagering requirement. Video Poker can count as 10% of the wagering requirement, increasing their requirement from 30 X to 300 X which would subsequently make a big difference to the wagering requirement. If you receive a $ / € 50 bonus and play video poker games that make a 10% contribution to the wagering requirement, it will increase from $ / € 1500 to $ / € 15,000.

Always be sure to read the terms carefully, to be able to consider which games you can play to meet the wagering requirements in order to withdraw money. Some casinos have a condition on the games you choose to play and how you are allowed to meet the wagering requirements. Some casinos have a condition where if you play a game with a wagering requirement that is of a lesser% than another game you will still contribute to less% despite it may have a higher wagering percentage on it. For example, if you play a slot machine that has a 100% wagering requirement and video poker that has a 10% wagering requirement, the slot machine wagering requirement will be 10% instead of 100%.

Some casinos will invalidate your bonus and winnings if you try to withdraw the money at once. If you need help deciding how much to bet, we recommend that you take a look at the CasinoSite bonus calculator, where you will be able to enter the values ​​representing the deposit amount, percentage deposit bonus, amount bets and bet contribution percentage.

Progressive Jackpots: Frequently Asked Questions

What is and how do you qualify for a progressive jackpot? 

Progressive jackpots are many slot machines that are connected to each other in the form of a jackpot. Essentially, what you need to be aware of is that more players are contributing to this colossal jackpot. Generally, progressive jackpots will offer extremely generous payouts, but the house advantage is significantly higher than non-progressive jackpots. Therefore, the odds of winning a progressive jackpot are much lower than playing your average Slots game. In cases where casinos offer progressive jackpots, the casino itself will specify how much the jackpot increases by.


If you want to be in the running to win a mammoth amount of money while playing this type of slot machine, then you need to bet a certain number of credits (which tend to vary according to which casino you play), as well as to strike the best combination of symbols present in a progressive slot machine. One of the most popular progressive jackpot games you will find is the Microgaming Mega Moolah Slot Machine game. Interested in playing? Check out the CasinoSite progressive jackpot page to find out more about these types of games.

How Do I Win a Progressive Jackpot?

Assuming you’re willing to take the risk by betting on the max every time you click the spin button, progressive jackpots can potentially lead you to win big money at the online casino. Therefore, if a bet says max bet is 3 coins, you should always bet 3 coins to qualify to win the progressive jackpot. If you want to find out more about progressive jackpots, we encourage you to read through CasinoSites progressive jackpots page.

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Online casinos offer the added benefit of being able to offer their customers the opportunity to get a fantastic Bonus to get them started in the iGambling world. Read through CasinoSite FAQs about bonuses to discover the ins and outs of getting them. So what are you waiting for? Grab a bonus today, start playing casino games and win BIG today.