Getting the best online casino bonus should be every player’s first priority when registering with an online casino. Still, while hunting for a bonus you should note that all online casinos offer a variety of bonuses to attract players and some definitely stand out more than others. Interested in Finding a Top Online Casino Bonus? If your answer is yes, you should definitely take a look at our list of the best casinos along with CasinoSites comprehensive guide to getting the best bonus you can use while playing your favorite casino game.

Quick facts about casino bonus

  • All online casinos offer bonuses. We have in our lists selected the best.
  • Bonuses can be different – we try to explain all the types in our online casino reviews and on this site.
  • Choose the appropriate bonus from our top list – we’ve hand-picked some exclusive bonuses for you too. Be sure to check them out!

Online Casino Bonuses – A Comprehensive Guide

Nowadays, finding a top online casino bonus is no longer a tedious task thanks to CasinoSite. Our team of avid casino players who have become experts in the comprehensive list will certainly be able to give you some insight into the online casino realm. By looking at our Top Online Casino Bonus list you will notice that the casinos are rated from highest to lowest bonus and best ranked casino according to the various specifications available.

The Benefits of Playing at Online Casinos

Although land-based casinos offer the sheer splendor of a lively atmosphere that is aided by flashing lights, catchy casino music and the sound of petty cash falling beyond the slot machines drawers, casinos found online are usually able to offset their lack of it by to offer you a fantastic online casino bonus, which will definitely be worth your time. So, forget to rent a hotel room and pay for a limo just to spend an expensive night at one of the gambling mecca, such as Atlantic City or Las Vegas, instead opt for a fun night at home that can save you a lot of money and allow you to to get even more than you would get at a land-based casino. To further glaze the cake, some online casinos will even reward you for playing and give you the opportunity to claim free dinners, overnight stays at a hotel among many other benefits if you sign up for one of their loyalty schemes, so you can still take back the time you’ve spent on your computer with an evening on the town at last! What could be better?

Facts about Casino Bonuses

If you are looking to achieve a top online casino bonus worth your time, you should definitely take a look at the various casino bonuses and their description, which we have gathered in a bunch to educate you in online gambling. However, despite providing a fairly detailed guide to the bonuses available, we recommend that you read the terms and conditions of your chosen online casino.

Best Casino Bonuses:

  • Registration bonuses are the most profitable and attractive bonuses.

Please note these terms and conditions when you receive bonuses:

  • Bonuses can be deposited immediately or incrementally;
  • In some cases, you must play before you can withdraw your bonus winnings.
  • Top Online Casino Bonus Types

Sticky Bonus

The classic sticky bonus is called this because as long as you have this bonus you will have to complete the wagering requirement before you can withdraw money, and sometimes before you can vary your game from anything other than slot machines.

After a deposit with a sticky bonus, the deposit and bonus you receive will be placed in a common sum, and any winnings you win will be inaccessible to withdrawals before the bonus is completed. Even if you were to win big on your first few games after a new bonus deposit, you will not be able to cancel the remaining bonus and withdraw the money. If the turnover requirement is high, this means that you are not guaranteed withdrawals even if you are lucky and win big.

With a sticky bonus of 100%, after $1000 deposit you will have $2000 in the account. These 2000 will all be bonus money, and winnings will therefore also be bonus money. If you win $10,000 on your very first game with such a bonus, you will now have $12,000 bonus money.

With a standard wagering requirement of 35x, you now have $35,000 to bet before you can withdraw the bonus. This means that even after such a win, you are not guaranteed any withdrawals. Yes, such a win will help big but you have no guarantee.

If you have a sticky bonus, you start working on the wagering requirement as soon as you start playing. If your wagering requirement is a standard 35x wagering requirement on the bonus, it means you have to bet for $35,000 before you can make withdrawals before you can withdraw the money.

As long as you have a bonus on your account, you are often limited to making bets of over $50, and bets on some slots can sometimes cause the casino to remove both bonus and winnings. This is because winnings, even from the first few dollars you play with, go directly to your bonus balance.

Non-Sticky Bonus

A parachute, or no-sticky bonus, is an extra chance to make withdrawals even after losing your entire deposit. This also means that you will not take advantage of the bonus until you have no more money left over from the original deposit.

If you have such a bonus you will first use your own money to play with. All winnings you earn remain real money, and with a little luck you will have the opportunity to withdraw without ever touching the bonus. If you have such a bonus, you can easily contact customer service to remove your bonus if you have not used it. Optimally, real-money gambling offers the bonus, but very few casinos do this.

A 100% non sticky bonus will give you $100 real money and $100 bonus. As long as you do not lose the real money you will never play with the bonus, which is only there as an extra chance. This means that as long as you stay above the bonus amount you will always be able to withdraw. You lose the bonus if you withdraw.

At some casinos, real money bets also count towards the wagering requirement, so if you have a really good session you will suddenly see the bonus transferred from the bonus balance to the real money you can withdraw, without having played with the bonus.

No-sticky bonuses often have just as stringent turnover requirements as a sticky bonus, but they have a big difference, and that is that you don’t play with the bonus until you run out of real money. You can bet as much as you want as long as you have real money in the account and the bonus requirements do not start until the real money is empty.

This can vary and it is important to read the rules, as there are no-sticky bonuses where real money counts against the wagering requirement (ie you can wager the entire bonus without ever touching it), but then you may even have the bonus money on hold. can be removed if the real money goes above the maximum.

Online Casino registration Bonus

Top Online Casino Registration Bonus Offers Can Earn Thousands Of Dollars Once The wagering requirements have been met. Thus, when you register on a gambling site you will be given one of the best online casino bonuses in the entire history of your iGambling experience. Basically, the most important thing to note when playing on online casino sites is that registration bonuses are usually given to players after they have completed the registration process and made a deposit.

Unfortunately, you can only get this type of bonus once per online casino site (hence the name). Therefore, before proceeding and registering on an online casino site, you should be sure of the choice you make. Our experts at CasinoSite recommend that you seek the highest registration bonuses before registering your details with a specific online casino site because you only get one chance to get the site’s registration bonus.

Once you have registered and played enough to collect your bonus, however, you can always begin the bonus hearing. If you are not sure what this means, let us know the term. Bonus fees are when a player signs up at several different online casinos to get their registration bonuses. This can of course be done by either withdrawing the money you first deposited and registering with another casino for a bigger and better bonus, you can also leave the money in your account and start playing on multiple sites at the same time.

Exclusive Casino Bonuses

Exclusive bonuses

Exclusive bonuses, also known as Loyalty Bonuses, as its name suggests, are casino bonuses designed with a specific purpose. They are usually reserved for loyal members, in other words, those who have been playing at the casino for a long time. Essentially, these exclusive casino bonuses are used to reward players for a certain amount of points and move up the casino system from, for example, gold member to platinum member. In addition, members receive a variety of exclusive bonuses depending on their membership status.

Exclusive bonuses

Deposit Bonus

  • The casino gives an instant bonus when you complete a deposit.
  • Given in percentages, preferably between 20 and 200% on the deposit.
  • Especially popular as a welcome bonus and weekly “reload” bonuses.


No Deposit Casino Bonuses

  • Completely free, requires no deposit, but provides the option of withdrawing winnings. 
  • Is most common at registration but is also used as loyalty bonuses.
  • Some casinos’ no-deposit bonuses are free spins upon registration.


Free Spin Casino Bonuser

  • Available as deposits, no-deposit and reload bonuses.
  • Choose from available games and spins! The value is preset but the gains are random.
  • Some casinos offer free spin spins – often the best choice!


Sticky vs non-sticky bonuser

  • The two biggest casino bonus variants are sticky and non-sticky.
  • One type is a parachute bonus that provides extra chance of loss.
  • The other gives you higher amounts to start with, but often requires higher turnover before withdrawals.


Paint and Venn Bonus

  • Many casinos give you an added bonus if you recruit a friend. 
  • Bonus varies from lump sum to a percentage of your friends’ deposits.
  • Make the casino more social – play with or against your friends online!


Sales Requirements and Small Fonts

  • Always read bonus rules! They often vary from casino to casino.
  • How to avoid stupid surprises or lost winnings.
  • Betting requirements are how much you have to play for before you can withdraw a bonus.


How to turn a bonus

Betting a bonus is “easy”, that is the way you turn it simple but the process itself includes a whole bunch of luck, and is too many something that pushes them away from playing with bonuses at all. Another problem is that it sounds far more difficult than it actually is. This even makes some casino players choose not to play with parachute bonuses, which are actually solely helpful to the player.

So, how do you turn around? When you play with a bonus, every bet you make will count towards a wagering requirement. This means that in order to translate $3500 into sales requirements you do not need to make $3500 in deposits, but you must play for a total of $3500. With only e.g. $200 to start with, this may sound impossible, but far from it – it is quite possible to trade as all profits can be used to trade on until you finally reach $0 remaining of the claim and can withdraw the money. 


You have $100 and $3500 in remaining sales requirements. You play 10 bets of 10 dollar and you win an average 10 dollar each time. When you finish these 10 games you will still have $100, but the wagering requirement is now only $3400. If you repeat this 34 more times, the sales requirement is completed.

It also means that if you are lucky right away with a bonus and win a larger amount, you can guarantee a win.

If you have more bonus in your gaming account than you have remaining wagering requirements you are guaranteed a win and all winning games are pure profit.

NB These are not definitive rules and you will sometimes find exceptions. Always read the casino’s terms and conditions before playing with a bonus.

Common sales requirements

There may be many numbers to keep in mind and one can come across many different variants when moving from casino to casino, but it is wise to know about a few standards that many casinos have long used.

The most common wagering requirement you find is the 35x bonus amount. This is fair to players, but you find both higher and lower. A “scary” number that you also come across at some casinos is deposit bonus x35. This you must absolutely stay away from. A 50% bonus with a 35x turnover requirement is only 50×35 after a 100 dollar deposit, but if the 100 dollar from the deposit is to be counted, it suddenly becomes 150×35, 3 times as much.

The Biggest Bonus is Not Always the Best Online Casino Bonus

As mentioned above, different casinos have different wagering requirements. The biggest bonus, in all likelihood, will have the strictest sales requirements associated with it. Therefore, unless you are an extremely frequent or major player, there is a good chance that you will find it difficult to meet the wagering requirements for these very large bonuses.

And that’s why the biggest bonuses aren’t always the best online bonuses. Be sure to do your homework and try to gauge if a bonus has achievable wagering requirements. This way, you will not be disappointed and avoid the worst possible outcome – spend valuable time and money clearing a bonus and then not claiming it.

Get more for your money

Once you’ve embarked on your journey to find the perfect online casino that suits you best, one of the most important aspects to consider is how great the casino bonus offered. If you are lucky enough to have landed on this site, you can be sure that CasinoSite will be able to give you a brilliant indication of where to find the best Top Online Casino Bonuses through their extensive listings. But you should also keep in mind that you should evaluate the casinos in relation to the perks and potential rewards that your casino will offer you in the long run.