Although many play for the love of the game, even more do so in the hope of winning big, or at least fill the cash with some hard earned money! This is why while many casinos still offer the usual rewards and rewards that players have come to expect, there is a growing number of new kids in the casino block who are increasing their games by offering incredible cashback prizes to loyal customers.

Cashback bonus

Cashback Casino – Get real money, not bonus

Like many other things found in the online gaming world, the idea of ​​the Cashback Casino Program came from land-based casinos, where VIP customers could look forward to additional perks, such as free room upgrades, meals and other goodies. As great as these things are, the truth is that they are not cold, hard money that most players want.

The first thing any picky player needs to know is that an online cashback or cashback program is different from the welcome bonuses that many online casinos offer. For some Cashback Casinos, the amount of cashback a player can earn is directly related to the amount of money they bet or even lose. These bonuses are paid in cash directly to your online casino account and sometimes issued as credit for more gambling. Yes, different online Cashback Casino programs operate in different ways, but they all have one thing in common. You will receive ACTUAL, REAL money without any obligations.

That being said, the amount you can earn by participating in a Cashback Casino Program is not something that is written in stone and varies from casino to casino and from one player to another. Certainly, it stands to reason that if you’re a gambler who spends thousands a month, you will obviously be entitled to more cashback than the average Joe who occasionally walks in and puts a few tens on the table. However, if you do your picking and choosing both carefully as well as wisely, you can get a cashback of around 5-20 percent, however, as stated earlier, sites that offer larger cashback amounts usually require the player to make higher stakes to could claim the money.

So what’s the catch?

As with any promotion, one must read the Cashback Casino Terms and Conditions and make sure the games you want to play actually pay. If online blackjack is your poison, make sure it is under the Casino Cashback’s umbrella before you play! Something worth remembering here is that games that do not offer the casino as much positivity are usually not part of the Casino Cashback offer. You should also have sales requirements in mind and if there is a restriction on your offer. The truth is that when it comes to restrictions, there is no hard and fast rule, and while some sites set the limit of $500 a month, others will only allow players to get a maximum of a thousand dollars back a month. Ultimately, the only way you can know these things is to read the terms and conditions as carefully as possible and go through them with a glance.

How to choose the best one for you!

Although all the offers you find on our site are fantastic, you do not always want to play with bonuses. You may not find an offer that is right for you or you simply like the opportunity to withdraw money without making a deal first. Therefore you will also find bonus free casinos, where you release everything that comes with a bonus.
1. Do I have time to complete the sales requirement?It is not worthwhile for everyone to commit to a sales requirement. Either you simply do not have enough time or the turnover requirement may be too high. Therefore, cashback is a very good alternative, because if an offer is to be a proper cashback it means that there are no sales requirements. “Cash” in cashback actually stands for cash and not bonus. Many online casinos operate with some form of cashback for their VIP players, but there are fewer who replace all bonus offers with cashback. You can find these types of casinos in our leaderboards.
2. How often is cashback paid? All online casino sites operating differently have their own rules, so it is important to find a casino with the rules and terms that are best for you personally. This also included how often a casino pays out their cashback. Where some casinos pay cashback weekly there are also some who give it out monthly. Maybe you have to get it out yourself, and this knot is time-limited. If you find a casino where cashback is issued weekly and automatically, this is optimal, but it is important to find out beforehand before you start playing for a cashback offer that you will not be able to pick out.
3. Is cashback a fixed offer? At some casinos, cashback is an important part of the offer, and is kept centrally to the side. Other casinos may have an offer of cashback that pops up once in a while. If you are a VIP player then you may get different rules than others, and more often or better cashback. If you are looking for a regular offer, you may want to steer clear of casinos that offer cashback only on first deposit, unless they have similar offers on later deposits as well. That being said, it is not unheard of that casinos that do not offer regular cashback suddenly come with a cashback week or month.

It pays to play with cashback!

Cashback Casino programs provide a way for you to collect a percentage of your losses and if you use them properly they will not only help you protect your bankroll from devastating losses, but they will also give you an extra reason to play online casino games more often, even after sessions full of losses.