Online Caribbean Stud Poker

As one of the fastest growing casino games in the world, the online variant of Caribbean stud poker is a game that encompasses the excitement and entertainment it offers to play a casino game. It effectively blends the traditional five-card stud poker game with a classic casino table game. However, what makes this poker variant different is that you play against the house instead of other players.

So if you consider yourself a poker lover who does not like the bluffing that comes with the poker game, you will be pleased to know that this variant does not require you to use any kind of fraud to deceive your opponents. Before you head into the game of Caribbean stud poker, we recommend that you read our guide to playing Caribbean stud poker online below so you can discover the rules, strategy and how to handle your bankroll.

Info to Caribbean Stud Poker

  • The rank of hands is identical to those found in regular poker.
  • In Caribbean Stud you can find incredibly high winnings.
  • The casino’s advantage in this game is around 5%.


Nowadays, the internet is packed with many online casinos to choose from. While this may seem like a great opportunity for many gamblers out there to play from their own comfortable home, many players may find it difficult to choose a casino. However, you don’t have to be frustrated, because our players who have become experts at CasinoSite have been combing the web for the best online casinos offering Caribbean stud poker. Check out our list of the best Caribbean stud poker online casinos below today to find the perfect one for you!

Caribbean Stud Rules



The growth in popularity for Caribbean stud poker may be due to the game’s ability to keep players entertained for hours. If you play this fast casino game with a deck of 52 cards, you will be able to take advantage of the game’s low house advantage as well as the big bonuses. You will also have the opportunity to win the big progressive jackpot!


In essence, the purpose of playing caribbean stud poker is to beat the dealer’s hand on 5 cards with your hand on 5 cards to win the prize and leave the table with the trade. Of course, you must first know the rules to do this!


This immersive casino game combining five-card stud, draw poker and blackjack consists of simple rules that are easy to learn. So if you are interested in playing the casino game, but worry about learning about the rules of Caribbean stud poker, you worry in vain! Instead, let our experts at CasinoSite guide you through them and you’ll be able to start playing quickly.

  1. When you open the online game, you will notice that you are first asked to place a first bet known as ‘ante’. Some Caribbean stud poker games will also allow you to place a progressive side bet.
  2. After you have done this, then click on the ‘deal’ button that you find displayed in the game.
  3. 5 cards will then be dealt to you and the dealer respectively.
  4. While you can see all your 5 cards, you can only see 1 of the 5 cards that belong to the dealer.
  5. At this stage of the game, you must decide whether to call (fold) or fold (fold). The dealer’s card with the image side up will serve as an indication of which maneuver you should perform.
  6. If you have chosen to press ‘fold’, you reject your hand. If you choose ‘call’ instead, you will place another bet equal to twice your ‘ante’.
  7. After sighting or throwing, the dealer’s card will then be turned around and revealed to you.
  8. Prizes are given according to the hand you have received. If the dealer has a hand that ranks higher than yours, you will lose your bet. If yours and the dealer’s hand are equal in value, you will neither win nor lose anything. Instead, this will result in a ‘push’ and your bet will be returned to you. If you manage to beat the dealer with a higher-ranking hand, everything in the pot will go to you. If you initially placed a side bet, you will win extra money. The amount usually varies from casino to casino.

Take a look at our table below to find out about the different hands of Caribbean stud poker, what cards they consist of and their payouts.

HandDescription of handCards that make up the handpayout
Royal FlushFive high cards of the same color in sequence.10 h – J h – Q h – K h -A h100: 1
Straight FlushFive cards of the same color in sequence.3 sec – 4 sec – 5 sec – 6 sec – 7 sec50: 1
Four-of-a-KindFour cards of equal value.10 d – 10 s – 10 h – 10 c – 4 d20: 1
Full HouseThree cards of the same value, and two cards of a different value.J h – J h – 4 h – 4 h – 4 h7: 1
FlushFive cards of the same color.2 h – 6 h – 9 h – Q h – K h5: 1
StraightFive cards of different color in sequence.3 h – 4 c – 5 d – 6 s – 7 c4: 1
Three of a KindThree cards of the same value in different colors.9 c – 9 d – 9 h – 6 s – 2 h3: 1
Two PairsTwo sets of cards of equal value with any fifth card.4 d – 4 c – J s – J h – 9 h2: 1
PairTwo cards of the same value in different colors.10 d – 10 s – 2 h – 7 s – 9 h1: 1
High CardA hand containing one ace or a king.A h – 3 c – 7 d – 9 c – 4 h1: 1


Given that you have gone to place a side bet in the first phase of Caribbean stud poker, you will automatically qualify to win a progressive jackpot amount that can usually reach up to $100,000. Of course, that depends on what your hand becomes. For example, if you received a flush, full house, four equal, straight flush or royal house, you will receive a payout as a reward for placing a progressive side bet, no matter what the dealer’s hand is. See the table below to find out what progressive jackpot payouts are on the various hands that are being dealt.

Royal Flush100% of the Jackpot100% of the Jackpot100% of the Jackpot
Straight Flush10% of the Jackpot10% of the Jackpot10% of the Jackpot
Full House$100$375$1500


All in all, strategy in caribbean stud poker is about when you should call or fold. Although you will be able to find many vision strategies out there, you should ignore these and follow a few simple rules of thumb. First, you should always place the bet on any pair or better, Ace (A) – King (K) – Lady (Q) – Jack (J) and X. However, you should place only one bet on the following hands: ‘AKQX-X ‘,’ AKJX-X ‘,’ AK-10-X-X ​​’, given that the dealer’s only card face up matches some of the cards in your hand.

Caribbean stud strategy


Although the original poker game allows players to bluff as part of their strategy when playing against other players, Caribbean stud poker allows the poker faces to relax with the players.

Since the game is exclusively against the dealer you have no need to bluff and it would not make any difference.

Caribbean stud money management



Bankroll management is an important factor that determines how much money you could potentially put in your pocket when the game is over. Instead of betting instinctively and randomly, you can instead use a betting strategy or money management system in Caribbean stud poker.

Often, a player who starts out with the luck on his / her side will not necessarily win the gold pot, as the game can turn sour at any point where they are dealt a bad hand. Remember, it is usually the person with the best money management skills who climbs to the top in a Caribbean stud poker game!


If you are interested in playing caribbean stud poker, we strongly recommend that you try out our free caribbean stud poker game online to test it out and see if the game is actually for you! The good news is that there is no check if you go to play our game as you will not have to pay a single penny or join any casino! So what are you waiting for? Now that you know the rules and strategies involved, you should definitely give it a try!


Caribbean stud historie

Surprisingly, the incredible game of Caribbean stud poker arose in the Caribbean. It was first introduced in the 80s at King International Casino and soon afterwards spread to other casinos located in the Caribbean. It also became very popular on cruise ships. Shortly after the 1990s, it was adopted by the Las Vegas casinos, which added a progressive jackpot to the game to entice gamblers to play it.

Alluring and straight forward as it is, Caribbean stud poker is truly a casino game you shouldn’t miss! The great thing about the game is that you don’t have to worry if your poker face is bad here you don’t need it! Before you throw yourself into the game, we recommend that you read through all the pages of our comprehensive Caribbean stud poker online guide to find out more about the game.

Once you’ve experienced our free version and feel confident enough to win, you should try playing the game for real money! You will be able to find a few reputable casinos to play caribbean stud poker in by taking a look at our list of the best, ranked and mentioned online casinos that offer caribbean stud poker.