Concepts in Caribbean Stud Poker – all the words you need to know

Caribbean stud poker is a game that is well based on the rules of the beloved classic table game poker. The simple difference between these two is that while playing against other players in poker, you are instead playing against the dealer in Caribbean stud. Before you throw yourself into this casino game that will keep you entertained for hours, we recommend that you learn the terminology of Caribbean stud poker and read through our game guide.


Ace-King: A five-card Caribbean stud hand that is worth less than one pair, but because the hand consists of high-value cards, one ace and one king become more valuable than a high hand.
Ante Bet: This term refers to the first, mandatory bet that the player must place at the start of the Caribbean stud game.

Bankroll: This word refers to the amount of money a player has earmarked Caribbean Stud, or any other casino game. When it comes to playing casino games, the gambler should handle his bankroll to control how much he / she bets. Learn more about bankroll management by reading CasinoSites Caribbean Stud Poker Money Management page.
Beef: A ‘beef’ occurs when the stakes placed are of problematic nature. This usually involves both the dealer and the player.
Bet: Also referred to as ‘wager’, or the raising option in the game.
Bonus Payout: This refers to the amount paid to the player when he places a raised bet and the dealer qualifies. A bonus payout is different from the progressive jackpot payout in Caribbean stud poker.

Chips: In the casino, your money is converted to ‘chips’ (chips). This simplifies the betting process and players’ money management.

Deal: This is the action performed by the dealer when he / she hands out 5 cards to each player at the table and then hands out 1 card to himself face up, as well as 4 other cards face down.
Dealer: This word is used as a reference to the casino employee who hands out the cards.

Flush: The fifth best hand you can get in Caribbean stud poker and consists of 5 cards of the same color.
Fold: Refers to when a player throws his Caribbean stud hand.
Four of a Kind: A hand consisting of four cards of different color and equal value. For example: King – King – King – King – Ace. This is the third best hand in the game.
Full house: This is the fourth best hand in Caribbean stud poker and consists of 3 cards of equal value, plus another 2 cards of equal value.

High Card: Any card that has a higher value than the dealer’s card is considered ‘high cards’. This is the lowest ranked hand you can have.

Mechanic: This term refers to a cheating dealer.
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Pair: You get this when you have a card that is similar to one of the cards revealed by the dealer. This is the ninth best hand you can get while playing the game.
Pit Boss: This term refers to a person who oversees the casino gaming area to make sure no one is trying to cheat.
Progressive bet: This term refers to a $1 side bet that pays a fixed amount, depending on the hand rank and rules of the casino you choose to play in. The proceeds of this bet are in a progressive jackpot payable to the player who is dealt a ‘royal flush’ ‘.
Progressive Jackpot: This is the total amount of progressive efforts at the Caribbean Stud table. In general, 100% of the progressive jackpot is paid to the player who is awarded a ‘royal flush’.
Push: This word is used to describe when there is a draw between the player and the dealer in a Caribbean stud game. This term is also used in other games like blackjack, baccarat etc.

Raise Bet: This is also referred to as ‘wager’.
Royal flush: Just like in the original poker game, the highest hand in Caribbean stud is a ‘royal flush’. The hand of similar color consists of the high cards 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace.

Straight: Refers to a hand situation where the five cards dealt can be combined chronologically, for example 4-5-6-7.
Straight Flush: The second best hand you can get in Caribbean stud poker, which consists of 5 cards of equal color in sequence.
Suit: This term refers to cards that either have hearts, clubs, spades or squares. When someone talks about a hand made up of cards that are ‘suited’ (or of the same color), they are talking about a hand with cards that all have the same symbols.

Tapping out: When a player loses the entire bankroll and can no longer play, they drop out.
Three of a Kind: The seventh best hand in the game that includes 3 cards of equal value.
Two Pair: Usually consists of a hand with two cards that have the same value. They can both be the same color and not (suited and unsuited).

Up card: This term is used as a reference to the card that lies with the image side up among the five that are distributed. Taking a look at this card will help you decide how much you want to bet.

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Now that you have learned the terminology, you should learn the rules and strategies involved in playing the casino game if you are interested in doing so. Once you have done this, you can proceed straight to our list of rated and mentioned Caribbean stud poker casinos and throw yourself into the game!