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Big Time Gaming’s big venture Bonanza hit the casinos almost 2 years ago. With special-class graphics, unique and engaging music and a concept no one has seen before or after, it was no surprise that the machine struck well. But no matter how well received, no one could foresee.

Although the frame around the game is well animated and you can easily see that a lot of work has gone into the design, it is difficult to move your eyes away from the game deck lace. The bright, different colors and the large variance in the size of the different symbols is what draws players in. Then you start playing, and the music takes over.

Info to Bonanza

  • Bonanza was released in 2016 and has been one of the most popular games ever since.
  • Bonanza has one of the highest wins ever on video, with the exception of jackpots.
  • You can read about the game’s sequel, Extra Chili.

The theme works well. It’s not the first time we’ve seen a machine based around gold digging, but Bonanza brings so much new that the theme has been used by someone else before. For the game, Big Time Gaming continued the cascade system, which they have not used on any of their other slots before or after, ignoring Bonanza’s sequel Extra Chili.

It is easy to get caught up in Bonanza’s charm, not least because the winnings you can make are so much bigger than you are used to before. The music is gripping (if you don’t think it is annoying), the symbols are colorful, and you often wait for the one extra symbol that continues a streak.

Bonanza Slot Machine Basic Game

Bonanza Slot Machine

The game is welcoming from the time it opens, you can see that a lot of work has gone into making the symbols attractive to players, and there are plenty of features to look forward to. You are a modern gold digger and you have plenty of chances to hit gold in Bonanza.

Bonanza offers over 117,000 potential ways to win, but this number varies from spin to spin, with minimum winning ways being 324. Since it is a cascade game, winning symbols will disappear and new symbols will fall into place. If the new symbols win, new symbols fall once again, until you no longer have any gain.

The symbols of the game are divided into basic symbols such as 10, J, Q, K and A, and the premium symbols consist of colored jewels, with blue being the least and purple being the most valuable. Next to it are wilds and scatters, which we will discuss in the next section.

Bonanza Details

  • Publisher: Big Time Gaming
  • RTP: 96%
  • Paylines: Up to 117649!
  • Minimum sats: 2 dollar
  • Maximum deposit: 200 dollar

Features of Bonanza

When you play Bonanza it’s almost easy to be overwhelmed by everything that happens at once, but it’s not as bad as one might think. After a short session, you are instead cheering for the symbol you need to appear, or hitting the desired D in GOLD, which will be the last scatter you need for a bonus. Bonanza has pretty straight-forward games, you stick to the basic game until you hit a bonus. Read about the different symbols and features below!

Wild Symbols

Bonanza, like most modern video slot machines, has wilds available, but this time you won’t find them on the reels as usual. Wilds only appear in the mines above the reels, and therefore only from reels 2 to 5. As you play you might wish for wilds to appear a little more often, but they show up far more during bonus free spins, and that’s where they are most important.

Wild symbols look like mining trucks with TNT, but the letters are replaced with Wild. Wilds as you see in the picture below are not uncommon – Wilds often appear during free spins.

Scatter symbols

It can be difficult to hit everyone, but to hit the 4 scatter symbols that together spell GOLD promises gold and green meadows. During the base game, scatters can show up anywhere except for the mining trucks. If you already have GOLD and hit multiple scatters, there are instead 5, which is so many free spins you get extra.

You find scatters under free spins and, but these work differently. For during free spins, there are only scatters in the mining trucks. If you hit 3 you get more free spins, which can give a far better result than many other games that also provide extra free spins.

Free Spins bonus feature

You trigger the free spin feature by having 4 scatters, which together spell the word “GOLD” on the screen at the same time. These can come in one spin or they can drop down for winnings, and it is possible to get extra scatters after GOLD which gives 5 extra free spins. You start with 12 spins minimum when the free spins round starts.

Bonanza Slot Machine Bonus

When you start a free spins round, the whole theme changes. You are now inside the mine, and the theme follows this. Both the music and the graphics represent your new surroundings. You also get a multiplier window showing what your current multiplier is. This starts at 1x and each win increases the number. What makes Bonanza different from other cascading games such as Gonzo’s Quest is that the multiplier does not empty after each spin. Theoretically, there is no max.

The highest confirmed win at Bonanza was over 14,000 times the bet, but there is no guarantee that this is the biggest win ever.


Bonanza is an incredibly fun game that has a huge potential for long sessions and big winnings. It has its problems, like that the bonus rate is very low, but when the bonuses have an average gain of 100 times the effort and infinite potential then you really understand why there is so long between each bonus.

You can go through hundreds of spins without seeing the bonus of a bonus, but at the same time you can win a monthly salary if the bonus goes well. In addition, the game’s basic game is both entertaining and offers the opportunity for big wins. This is not to mention that one will usually be able to play the basic game for a long time before approaching the bottom of the deposit.

We at CasinoSite thought Bonanza is definitely among the best games developed in modern times and would recommend you to try out the game if you haven’t already.