Blackjack advanced strategy

It is not difficult to find a strategy you like in blackjack. Either you learn something that looks like optimal play by trying and thinking ahead, or you find a strategy table to follow.

But if you want to increase your chances of winning even more, the smartest thing you can do is learn advanced strategy. At CasinoSite, our experts have designed a great advanced blackjack strategy guide that you can read here.

After mastering this important strategy that is incredibly easy to learn, you will be pleased to know that CasinoSite has worked hard to give you avid blackjack players the little extra that will ultimately be a deciding factor in whether you will win or lose! Take a look at the advanced blackjack strategy below to find out more and choose ‘hit’, ‘stand’, ‘double’ and ‘split’ at one of our best blackjack casinos today!

 The advantage of learning advanced strategy
1. Gain a greater insight into not only what you do during games and when, but also why you do it.
2. Give yourself all the benefits you can while playing and don’t have to depend on a table.
3. As perhaps the world’s most popular casino game is Blackjack in all casinos, this is useful info wherever you play!

Learn advanced blackjack strategy today!

CasinoSites blackjack experts are of the opinion that relying on your own intuition while playing blackjack is not worth the time and energy it requires, and that it can ultimately leave you disappointed. However, there is a fantastic solution to this that can potentially keep your inner demons in the drain and give you the chance to win a good sum of money. The secret is simply to use a basic blackjack strategy.

Blackjack betting systems – Is it worth using them?


Betting systems can be used in various casino games; including the famous blackjack table game. If you feel led to a structured way to invest, you should give the bet strategies a try! Learn about the different wagering systems by taking a look at CasinoSites Money Management and wagering systems page.

Keep in mind that while using a blackjack betting system while playing this table game may sound like a good idea, not everything is glittering gold, and implementing such a strategy has its risks. As a blackjack player, you should definitely bear in mind that there is always a risk of losing more than you win when using betting systems. Especially if the system you are using is a negative progressive system. Therefore, we recommend that you use a positive progressive betting system instead! Also, if you choose to use one of these, you should have a relatively large bankroll to be able to compensate for any loss while playing the game.

Counting cards

Counting cards is a great way to get a hold over the house, but it’s definitely not for those who have just started playing blackjack. This means continuously counting all the cards that have been withdrawn and dealt by the dealer to determine whether the next hand with dealt cards will be of value or not. Although many blackjack guides out there will tell you that it is very quick and easy to learn, CasinoSites blackjack expert players disagree with this. That is why we have written a fantastic strategy guide for card counting that will help you learn the strategy.

Choosing ‘Insurance’

Despite the fact that most blackjack strategy guides out there will tell you that you should completely ignore ‘insurance’, choosing this can in some cases prove to be in your favor. For example, if you play a blackjack game where one deck is used, you can take advantage of choosing ‘insurance’. This has nothing to do with a good or bad hand, but more with your hidden knowledge of the remaining cards.

The chart below shows the potential for advantageous single-deck insurance betting for blackjack players who consider themselves card counters.

Number of hands seenAntall animals

Composition – Sensitive Hands

Although most blackjack enthusiasts agree that basic blackjack strategy will definitely assist you in playing the game well, the problem is that the chart does not make the difference between multiple-card hands and two-card starting hands! For example, a typical blackjack strategy chart would suggest that if you have 16 against an ace, you should choose ‘hit’ instead of ‘stand’. This is because the odds of winning will be about 24 times out of a total of 100 times (this also applies to ‘push’ with half win, half loss), while it will be 17 out of 100 if you choose ‘stand’ instead.

Still, there are some hand situations that make the choice of which maneuver you should use something difficult, so the best thing to do is to play the hand depending on which cards were removed from the deck to create the hands. Take, for example, the two hands below.

Player’s handDealer’s hand

While the player’s hand consists of a 10 and 6, the dealer’s hand consists of one face up card showing 10, and a ‘hole card’. In this case, you will probably win 23 ½ times if you choose ‘hit’. However, if you decide to ‘stand’ instead, you will still be able to win 23 out of 100. Thus, it should not matter if you choose ‘hit’ or ‘stand’. What you should notice in this case is that if these cards were available, they would probably cause you to ‘bust’ (jerk). However, since they have already been removed from the deck and dealt to players, your chances of going ‘bust’ are reduced. Therefore, the probability that you win if you choose ‘hit’ will be 0.5 times greater than if you choose ‘stand’. 

 ‘Rule of 45’

Although it is quite possible for you to receive 10/6, you will receive a 16, which is ‘made up’ of 3 or more cards. Sometimes you may find yourself in a tricky situation against a 10’s, and even if you manage to achieve another 2 on your hand by 16 if you choose ‘hit’, you will probably ultimately lose. In this case, you will want a card of 4, or even 5, to obtain a closer sum, or equal to 21. However, if your hand of 16 already has 4s or 5s, you have removed ( ‘killed’) one / two of the key cards you need to get a higher sum. Thus, your ability to do a little better becomes quite small in this case. Therefore, it should be much better to choose ‘stand’ than ‘hit’. If you want to use the ‘rule of 45’, you should note that this only applies when a dealer’s hand shows a 10’s.

‘Doctor Pepper Rule’

Another confusing situation you might end up in is if you are dealt a hand with a total of 12 and the dealer has a 4. In this situation, your odds of winning if you select ‘stand’ 40 out of 100 times, and 39 ¾ if you select ‘hit’. The problem is, however, that you can end up with a sum of 12 by being dealt one of 4 hand options. These are 10/2, 9/3, 8/4 and 7/5.

You will notice that there is a big difference between a hand consisting of 10 and 2, and a hand consisting of 7 and 5. When you have a hand of 7/5, you will be able to receive a 10’s which will make you go ‘bust’. The main point of the ‘Doctor Pepper’ rule is that you should choose ‘hit’ on a hand with 10/2 against a 4, but choose ‘stand’ with any other type of hard 12.

As a painfully experienced blackjack player, you possess important knowledge that clearly sets you apart from less experienced players who haven’t played the semi-circular table game for very long. CasinoSites advanced blackjack strategy tips aim to give you, as a blackjack veteran, a couple of wisdom tips that are sure to make you even better in the game. If you consider yourself a beginner to blackjack, you should still take a look at our tips below, provided you have learned how to use the basic blackjack strategy.
Sit in a place that is in your favorYou should always aim to sit in the ‘anchor’ chair, the last chair at a blackjack table, to see which cards have already been pulled by the dealer and dealt to the rest of the players, so you can determine the probability of to receive a low or high card.
USE MORE THAN AN INSERT SYSTEMIf you have used betting strategies while playing blackjack in the past, you are probably aware that implementing one system in your gameplay, even though the system is positively progressive, does not necessarily guarantee you a big win. But if you know the difference between negative and positive betting strategies well enough, you can benefit from merging the two while playing a blackjack game. Try it out by using our blackjack trainer to see if it actually works for you in practice!
BE AWARE OF ODDSEven if you are a blackjack veteran and can ignore the basic blackjack strategy, you can definitely end up in situations where you experience smoke coming out of your ears or you even end up hitting the table. Therefore, it is best to take a look at what your odds are for winning or losing by checking CasinoSites table below.
Plays against the dealer’s handPlayer odds%
20 vs. 88: 188.9
20 vs. 611: 284.6
20 vs.45: 183.3
20 vs.29: 281.8
19 vs. 74: 180.0
16 vs. 1017: 577.3
16 vs. Ace16: 576.2
16 vs. 915.5: 575.6
15 vs. 1015.5: 575.6
19 vs.35: 271.4
17 vs.95: 271.4
15 vs.812: 571.4
18 vs.712: 570.6
17 vs.1012: 570.6
16 vs.711: 570.6
19 vs.211: 568.8
11 vs.62: 166.7
19 vs.22: 164.3
13 vs.25: 164.3
10 vs.65: 164.3
18 vs.58: 561.5
12 vs.38: 561.5
11 vs.28: 561.5
18 vs.93: 260.0
15 vs.43: 260.0
12 vs.43: 260.0
10 vs.23: 260.0
9 vs.67: 558.3
18 vs.107: 558.3
17 vs.27: 558.3
16 vs.57: 558.3
12 vs.57: 557.1
Ace/7 vs. 107: 555.6
18 vs. 24: 355.6
18 vs.Ace5: 454.5
Ace/7 vs. 95: 454.5
18 vs. 86: 554.5
11 vs. 106: 554.5
10 vs.96: 554.5
19 vs. 107: 653.8
9 vs.38: 753.3
Ace/3 vs. 58: 753.3
Ace/2 vs. 58: 753.3
Ace/6 vs. 78: 752.6
9 vs.910: 952.6
17 vs. 511:1052.4
Ace/5 vs.221:2051.2
Ace/5 vs.31: 150.0

Advanced blackjack strategy – CasinoSites conclusion

If you play online blackjack, you should be quick on the trigger to win the good sum of money in the pot. When it comes to actually playing the game, half the battle is actually learning about the strategies involved, while the other half is using them successfully. Once you have succeeded in learning about the basic and advanced blackjack strategy, you should test out what you have learned by using our blackjack trainer. Once you’re happy with how you play, get started and join one of CasinoSites ‘best blackjack casinos’.