On this page you can definitely see where it is worth playing casino online in New Zealand. On our leaderboards we have ranked the best online casinos available online for New Zealanders, and you can also see their offers to new players. In a way you can say that a bonus means that you get the benefit over on your side when you play casino online. In all online casino games, the casino / house has a small advantage, this advantage is a few percent, but with the help of the free money that a bonus consists of, you can afford to lose a little.

Your guide to the best online casino

Casino Site New Zealand

Since there are so many to choose from, it can be cumbersome to see the differences between the many casinos on the web. Fortunately for you, at CasinoSite we have created a complete guide focusing exclusively on casino games and the best online casinos to play. We have spent a lot of time trying out and reporting a large number of online casinos. This is how our experts have selected the casinos online with the best bonuses and best games, good customer care and safe and secure information and money management. So if you do not quite know what you are looking for then just check out what our experts have said about the casino before choosing.

So, as you can see, our experts have spent a long time reviewing a large number of online casinos. This is done exclusively so that our readers can have the best possible casino experience. Our reviews are conducted with a critical view and the key points we look for include security, customer service, game providers and software, game selection and of course the bonuses offered. It’s easy to flip through the various reviews so you, as an interested casino player, can quickly find out which casino you thought deserves your attention.

Are you struggling to win your first big casino win? We have compiled introductions, strategies, guides and other info you can find on our site. All of this is collected by our gambling experts and can be useful to know before heading to your local online casino.

What is a New Zealand casino?

  •  The casino offers complete New Zealand translation of games and rules
  •  New Zealand Dollar (NZD) or NZ$ is included as a valid currency during games
  •  Customer service is available in New Zealand and preferably 24 hours a day


What is a safe casino?

  •  Recognized license, preferably from Malta Gaming Authority 
  •  Rules and conditions that you do not stumble upon and that are easy to learn and follow
  •  All casinos recommended by CasinoSite are safe and secure for players


What is a good bonus?

  • Affordable turnover requirements without hidden rules, terms and small print
  • No unnecessary deposit requirements hidden under the terms
  • Non-sticky bonus for best results. Learn about different types of bonus with us


Not just online casino

We also have most casino games in free editions so you can try out the games yourself before you deposit money into a real online casino. BlackjackRouletteSlot Machines or Video Poker, we offer everything with play money so you are prepared and know what you are up to by making deposits.

But CasinoSite is more than just bonuses and online casinos. We also have a news and articles section where you can read amazing and fun stories from around the world. So if you want a break from the casino game you can still be entertained on our website.

Expectations for casino online

Due to the large selection available in online casinos, there is no doubt that players have more expectations or requirements for the various casinos. It’s no secret that some casinos stand out positively over others. But what can you expect? If you are a player looking for a credible, reliable and quality packed casino then you can look for a large selection of games, good customer service and games from well-known software providers like NetEnt or MicroGaming, who deliver the most popular online casino games in the competitive industry.

Players may also notice that it is rarely worth choosing the first and best online casino to be found. If you read through the reviews here at CasinoSite then you have the opportunity to find a casino that is bursting with quality! The casinos you can choose from in our leaderboards offer the best welcome bonuses so you can get a good start on your casino career.

Not just online casino reviews

Now you may have realized that CasinoSite delivers complete reviews of a slew of casinos online. However, this is far from the only thing we offer our eager readers. At CasinoSite you will also be able to find guides to the most popular casino games, so you can get a reminder of the rules before you start playing for real money. You can find guides to Blackjack, slots, video poker, crapsbaccarat, pai gow and caribbean stud poker.

These guides contain a thorough review of the rules of the games but also focus on the optimal strategies you can use in the different games. If you have read through the guides before playing with real money, you will have a strong starting point and can be far more comfortable using your own money. If you are new to gambling, take a look at our leaderboards and find a casino that sounds exciting or fits your personal needs. Then you have the opportunity to get to know the most popular casino games through our comprehensive guides.



Online Casino Bonuses

Finding bonuses seems like one of the easiest parts of playing online casinos, as many websites offer them on their own terms. However, finding the right bonuses, from the right casinos, is a job that is best left to the pros. We at CasinoSite have carefully researched all the casinos on our site and we have considered each and every online
casino bonus to ensure you a complete gambling experience. The bonuses have the right offers for the best games and the most practical wagering requirements that do not let you wish you played elsewhere.

Online Casino Games Guide

The online casino world is as wide as it is varied and while you may know a lot about one or two casino games, there are certainly many you know little about. In an effort to educate you then, we have compiled the internet’s definitive guide to online casino games. We will educate you on the rules of the games, teach you how to play them and teach you all the tips, tricks and techniques that will help you beat the casinos and take home the big prize. Everything you need is right here for everyone to enjoy.

News and Articles

In an effort to keep you updated on the latest happenings in the online casino world, we will provide you with a number of the latest news, articles, blog posts and all the features related to online gambling. Our dedicated team of writers and editors will ensure that everything written on CasinoSite is true, factual, well researched and completely objective to ensure that you are provided with reliable information and relevant news. If you are looking for some entertainment or expert opinion or two, take a look at our columns where a variety of readers will…


What information do I need to provide to play in a casino online?

Before you can start playing online casino games, you must first register with the casino by entering a few simple details. Casino registration is quick and easy to do, all you have to do is follow a few guided steps to complete the registration form that will ask you to enter your email address, personal details and contact information. After you have successfully completed your online casino registration you will be ready to start playing.

Do I have to play for real money?

Many people want to play for real money, while others just want to play for fun! The simple answer is no, you don’t always have to play for real money. If you want to play real money online you can go ahead and choose one of the best online casinos listed in our leaderboards! If you want to practice first, play for free on this site. We offer free games for the most popular online casino games such as Free Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, Caribbean Poker and Video Poker.

Which online casino is best for me?

Many factors tell which casino online is the best for you, but the trickiest can be finding a good and reputable New Zealand casino. When choosing a New Zealand casino, choose the one that suits you best in relation to available games, welcome bonuses, payment methods, payout percentages and also customer support. We’ve already found the best for you! Just select one of the casinos in the list at the top and you can start playing!

How do I deposit and withdraw money?

It is very easy and safe to deposit money at an online casino, all you need is a simple registration form and credit card information. It is very important that you choose a safe casino before you deposit money. All casinos listed in our leaderboards are as safe as possible! When you want to withdraw money from the casino, you often use the same way as the deposit. Normally, you will go to your wallet in the casino, select the withdrawal method and follow the necessary steps. As a rule, an identity check is required before your first withdrawal.

What is a “sales requirement” and how does it work?

A wagering requirement is the amount you must bet to be able to withdraw bonus winnings. This amount is set according to the bonus and wager multiplier (usually this is the 35x bonus amount) that players must bet (regardless of the win / loss) in certain games specified by the casino before the player’s balance can be paid out. Example: The player’s deposit was $100, the bonus was $100 more and the casino has a wagering requirement of 35x. $100 bonus x 35 = $3500. Thus, the player must bet $3500 before the money can be withdrawn.